Star Wars legend Mark Hamill, who played icon Luke Skywalker was hammered by “toxic fans” after he shared a tweet showcasing Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, General Organa and Luke Skywalker having a grand old time aboard the Millennium Falcon.

Hamill captioned the photograph saying, “#MissedOpportunities.”

Hamill was hammered for the tweet with one user even claiming it was associated with the “alt-right.”

Hamill and the original creator of the photoshopped image would respond.

Fired Star Wars writer Chuck Wendig would also insinuate the photo was problematic because of the “alt-right.” As many know, Wendig was fired from writing Star Wars due to his profanity and the way he treated people on social media specifically on Twitter.

Hamill hasn’t been Wendig’s only target. A few months ago the author went after an entire genre in epic fantasy describing it as “too white and male and straight.”

Wendig wouldn’t be the only person to hammer Hamill. Numerous people besieged the actor for sharing the image.

Twitter user The Radical Jawa captured a number of the people hammering Hamill’s tweet. He compiled their tweets into a nice video.

Hamill would eventually respond to the barrage with a joke, “Saw a pic of me with Billy D, Carrison & Harrie. Posted it because I miss them. Nothing more, nothing less. I love the new cast too & didn’t mean to get everyone’s knickers in a twist. Maybe I should’ve just posted a bunch of #Endgame spoilers instead. #RelaxAndHaveFunPeople.”

Lando Calrissian actor Billy Dee Williams would respond to Hamill’s joke with a little playful banter of his own, “you should be used to getting everyone’s knickers in a twist……part of your charm man!”

Hamill would respond in kind saying, “There’s no one more capable of assessing charm than you.”

What do you think of all the hate directed at Mark Hamill for simply missing his castmastes? What do you make of the toxic fans who attacked Hamill for simply sharing this meme?