Comic book creator Electric Dinosaur reports that IndieGoGo has not delivered them funds after their successful crowdfunding for Rebel Yell #2.

Electric Dinosaur reported on Twitter, “IndieGoGo has had since Feb 21st to disperse the funds for our successfully crowdfunded Rebel Yell Issue #2, but they say that the comic has yet to be reviewed by their “Trust and Safety” Team? We’re still waiting folks.”

Rebel Yell #2 raised $541 from 18 backers. The comic features a masked hero named Rebel Yell who takes a stand in Vandal City after “malicious mobs” seek to destroy the traditions, symbols, and heroes of the past.

Rebel Yell isn’t the first comic that has had reported issues with IndieGoGo. Last October, IndieGoGo shut down Arkhaven Comics’s Alt-Hero: Q crowdfunding campaign after the issue began trending #1 on the crowdfunding platform site.

Backers for Alt-Hero: Q received a message from IndieGoGo stating their transactions for Alt-Hero: Q had been refunded. They also indicated that “IndieGoGo’s Trust and Safety Team determined this campaign didn’t comply with our Terms of Use.”

Alterna Comics publisher Peter Simeti also indicates he’s run into a similar problem as Electric Dinosaur with the Trust and Safety Team holding funds until they review the content.

Kevin Strange also reports he has not received funds after 13 days after his campaign ended.

Arkhaven Comics publisher Vox Day indicated to us that he was “looking into legal redress” against IndieGoGo back in October. A lawsuit was confirmed by Flying Sparks writer Jon Del Arroz. Del Arroz explained why he switched from crowdfunding on IndieGoGo to KickStarter for Flying Sparks Vol. 2:

“My publisher’s currently in a lawsuit with IndieGoGo over their deplatforming of Chuck Dixon’s Alt-Hero Q book, and so it wouldn’t make sense to use the platform.”

Del Arroz would also warn other comic book creators who are looking to crowdfund on IndieGoGo to not use the platform:

“The crowdfunding platform is not safe to use at all, and it appears they’re far more willing to take action on their own to harm creator owned comic projects. Use the site at your own risk.”

What do you make of this report that IndieGoGo is not delivering the funds raised by Electric Dinosaur for Rebel Yell #2?