Game of Thrones killed off one of the most trusted advisors in its latest episode which aired on Sunday night.

Following an absolutely idiotic military move by Daenerys and her military advisors, Daenerys splits her forces sending half of them with Jon Snow overland and taking the other half with her via sea.

She pays the price for this idiotic move as she loses another one of her dragons in Rhaegal. However, she doesn’t just lose Rhaegal. She leaves her entire fleet unprotected. They are easily savaged by Euron Greyjoy’s Iron Fleet.

Not only does Greyjoy wipe out Daenerys’ fleet, but he captures one of Daenerys’ most trusted advisors and best friend in Missandei.

In the last scene of the show, Missandei is executed by Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane. However, before Clegane swings his massive sword, she does issue her last word, “Dracaris.”

Missandei and Clegane

The scene comes about during a negotiation process where both Cersei and Daenerys demand each other surrender. Neither is willing to budge and Cersei plays her hand by killing Missandei.

But what I found odd about the entire exchange is that Daenerys opened up her small party to an easy ambush. In fact, Daenerys’ forces even seemed to be positioned within artillery range, but Cersei refused to fire.

To make it even more galling, in the post-episode discussions executive producer David Benioff states, “She’s captured an enemy and this is how Cersei deals with enemies.” He adds, “[Cersei] feels like the odds are pretty good at this point, and she’s willing to roll the dice.” He concludes, “For Cersei, the only good prisoner is a dead prisoner.”

Except, Cersei had Daenerys in range without a dragon and only a small group of soldiers. She didn’t take action aside from executing Missandei. In fact, Tyrion was well within range of Cersei’s archers, but she didn’t even have them fire on him. This was after Cersei sent Bronn to assassinate both Tyrion and Jamie.

The scene should have showed Cersei executing Missandei and then telling her soldiers to fire on Tyrion and Daenerys’ group. In fact, she should have had cavalry waiting to ambush Daenerys and kill her.

What did you think of the latest episode of Game of Thrones? What did you make of Missandei’s execution?

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