May 5th is Henry Cavill’s birthday. He turned 36 this year and received happy birthday wishes from Zack Snyder on the director’s Vero.

We all know by now Snyder can’t get enough of rummaging through his mementos from his time steering the vision for the DC Extended Universe. Finding an unreleased test photo of Cavill on a reel of film, he added the hi-res image to the post along with a cake emoji. Asked where it came from, Snyder responded it was a “BVS IMAX” still.

As these things do, Snyder’s post made it onto the Reddit fan page, DC Cinematic. You can check it out right below.

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It’s not the usual “Snyder Cut” material but a neat piece of behind-the-scenes stuff nonetheless and it has sentimental value. Snyder adores the actors he works with and it would be no big surprise if he holds the quality of Cavill’s Superman portrayal with the same high level of esteem he bears for Ben Affleck’s Batman.

Cavill’s future as Big Blue is unsure and rumor had it he was undergoing intense negotiations with Warner Bros. and his team’s unreasonable demands almost cost him the role. Publicly, as far as we know, he claims he is committed to the role (personally, there isn’t anyone I want to see replace him) though he couldn’t make the Shazam! cameo.

He’s currently busy as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher on Netflix. His work on the series, taking him to Hungary, combined with Snyder’s dismissal by WB led some to believe Cavill was done with the DCEU.

However, Aquaman star and Cavill’s co-star in Justice League Jason Momoa noted Cavill was not leaving the role of Superman. He spoke on the red carpet last December, “I just talked to Henry…He’s absolutely not [leaving the role]. He loves the character. He’s not. 100 percent. No, it’s absolutely not.”

Furthermore, Cavill is repped by Dwayne’s Johnson’s agent and ex-wife Dany Garcia. Given Johnson helped produce the recent Shazam! film and he’s working on Black Adam, it’s more than likely he could use his pull as a producer to ensure Cavill maintains his role as Superman.

In fact, Johnson has reportedly relished the opportunity of seeing Black Adam fight Superman on the big screen.

Last January a report indicated Johnson was “adamant about having Cavill appear in his Black Adam film.”

One can only imagine he envisions Cavill playing the Man of Steel in what would surely be an epic fight.

What do you think of Zack Snyder’s new look at Superman?