Who is the best Batman of all time is a huge debate among fans that will probably never end. Most say either Michael Keaton or Christian Bale; if you don’t limit yourself to live action then more will probably say Kevin Conroy (who’s played the character longer than anybody).

But Zack Snyder knows, hands down, who his favorite to don the cape and cowl is, and, no surprise, it is Ben Affleck, whose performances in Justice League and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice polarized a lot of the DC faithful.

Still, Snyder tipped his hat to the actor and fellow director on Vero for his tenure as the Caped Crusader. Besides calling him the “Best Batman ever,” the Watchmen and DC Extended Universe visionary praised Affleck’s “glorious chin” — which no Batman is complete without honestly — and quoted Batfleck’s famous first lines.

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Affleck got to be Batman because of Zack Snyder, of course. Plans for Man of Steel 2 fell through and Snyder and the studio then moved forward with [easyazon_link identifier=”B01DAWJ7C6″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Dawn of Justice[/easyazon_link] and other plans for a shared universe, rushed as they were.

Reactions to Affleck’s Batman were mixed but the reaction to Snyder’s DCEU was very critical. The disastrous Justice League production and a family emergency led to his dismissal and a change in direction, on top of a shift in leadership at Warner Bros. Ever since, Snyder has fed fan speculation about his cut of Justice League and shared glimpses of unused storyboards and footage pointing to Darkseid as the archvillain.

Intriguingly, as much as he loved Affleck as Batman, his plans may have involved killing him off eventually.

Ben Affleck would recently bow out of the role as Batman after exiting both director and writing duties for a solo Batman film. Those duties now fall to Matt Reeves who is currently looking for the next Batman. Rumors were strong for months Affleck was quitting, dogged by personal struggles and creative conflicts, and Warner Bros. new strategy for the DCEU. Nothing was confirmed for sure until January when he posted encouraging words to Reeves on Twitter.

Recently, he divulged what kept him from staying on, acknowledging he “couldn’t crack it.” Talking to Jimmy Kimmel, Affleck said he was working with a good screenwriter but couldn’t bring a satisfactory version together. He closed the interview by declaring he is not Batman.

At least he is number one in Zack Snyder’s book.