Ben Affleck Out as Batman, Release Date for Matt Reeves’ The Batman Announced

Ben Affleck, who starred as a seasoned Batman in Zack Snyder’s  DC Extended Universe, is officially gone from the role, confirming allegations since last summer he was stepping away.

He sent out a tweet on Wednesday to make the announcement official and wish Matt Reeves luck. Affleck also hinted at a release date, one strongly suggested by the constant delays and retweeted the Deadline story breaking the news.

Slated for June 25th in 2021, Reeves’, tentatively titled, The Batman will have a younger actor play Bruce Wayne, possibly (but only possibly) Jack O’Connell. There was a belief that in lieu of this, the script would be based on Frank Miller’s lauded Batman: Year One. That is not the case, but the graphic novel is a favorite of Reeves, so he might incorporate aspects of it into his story.

Reeves also wrote the screenplay and is still working on it to make it perfect. He confirmed recently in a Hollywood Reporter interview what we have all suspected; his story will focus on Batman as the world’s greatest detective, something he admits audiences don’t see much.

The Dark Knight showed glimpses of Batman’s detective prowess, both as Bruce and under the cowl, deciphering clues in an attempt to unravel Joker’s scheme. Christopher Nolan’s films ultimately descended into punch fests after gaining some ground as a detective story.

Development of The Batman has been a storied but messy affair. Affleck was originally in Reeves’ position, writing and directing, even working on the script with Geoff Johns. But, Justice League hit the wall hard and its production problems took their toll at the studio, causing a change in management and a shift in plans.

Affleck was thought to stay on as the star for a time but, suffering from creative differences with Reeves and rumors that wouldn’t go away he was quitting, on top of his public battle with alcoholism, the pressure got to be too much. Now Matt Reeves’ vision for the vigilante will move forward unfettered.

Are you as excited for Matt Reeves’ The Batman as Affleck, if not more? Let us know down below.

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