CBS All Access Debuts First Look at Star Trek: Picard

CBS revealed a first look at Star Trek: Picard starring Patrick Stewart during the CBS All Access Upfronts presentation.

The first look involved the title reveal as well as the show’s logo. The show will be titled Star Trek: Picard and the logo features gold lettering with the Star Fleet symbol substituting as the “A” in Picard.

Not only did we get the show’s title and logo, but there was also a glimpse at Patrick Stewart’s Picard.

Star Trek: Picard producer Alex Kurtzman recently described the Picard show while speaking with the LA Times, “The mandate was to make it a more psychological show, a character study about this man in his emeritus years. There are so few shows that allow a significantly older protagonist to be the driver.”

Kurtzman added, “What happens when circumstances have conspired to not give him the happiest of endings? Hopefully, it’s a reinforcement of [‘Trek’ creator Gene] Roddenberry’s vision of optimism. He’s going to have to go through deep valleys to get back to the light.”

He does make it clear the show will be very different from the current Star Trek: Discovery show flagships the CBS All Access service, “It’ll be very different than ‘Discovery.’ It’ll be slower, more meditative. It speaks to the rainbow of colors we’re playing with in all these different shows.”

Patrick Stewart revealed the show will take place “exactly nineteen years in the future, which was how time has passed since the last time I put on my spacesuit…for the television series.”

But there will be a change to Picard’s military status. He will no longer be a captain. Star Trek: The Next Generation alum Jonathan Frakes revealed, “Patrick isn’t playing Capt. Jean-Luc Picard this time, he’s done with [that phase of his career in] Starfleet.”

What do you make of the new logo and the title? Are you interested in checking out Star Trek: Picard?

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