Chuck Dixon’s Airboy Revival Busts Through 4th Stretch Goal

Chuck Dixon and It’s Alive Publisher Drew Ford recently launched an IndieGoGo campaign to revive Airboy after 30 years, and the campaign has already unlocked its 4th stretch goal.

Ford details that this campaign will pick up with Airboy #51 and will continue where Airboy #50 left off over 30 years ago. However, with four stretch goals unlocked, not only will Dixon provide backers with Airboy #51, but they will also get Airboy #52.

Airboy 51

Dixon previously wrote a 50-issue run of Airboy in the 1980s that was published by Eclipse Comics. The series updated the character introducing Airboy as the son of the original hero from the original series. The original series was published by Hillman Periodicals back in the 1940s. [easyazon_link identifier=”1613779003″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Dixon’s original Airboy run was recently republished by IDW in five new collections[/easyazon_link].

Airboy #51 will introduce a new Airboy, David Nelson III, the grandson of the original Airboy and the son of Dixon’s Airboy from the 1980s.

Dixon will be joined in the endeavor for Airboy #51 and #52 by artist Brent McKee, who will pencil and ink the projects, and Jok, who will provide colors and letters. The campaign will also feature variant covers by Dalibor Talajic, Don Perlin, Emma Kubert, Graham Nolan, Matt Kindt, Paul Gulacy, Stipe Kalajžić, and Jim Steranko.

Airboy 51

In fact, Steranko’s variant was recently added to the campaign. Ford details the variant was actually used as a full color cover in “The Return of Valkyrie” which collected Airboy #1-5 back in the 1980s.

Ford details that Steranko has updated his pencils on the cover and indicates there is a signed option for purchase as well.

“After making the deal, Steranko pulled out the old pencils and personally touched and cleaned them up, so they would look better than ever before!  And of course, to make it official, he added his name to the bottom of the piece.  Lastly, Steranko has agreed to sign a very limited number of these variant covers.  There will only be 200 Steranko AIRBOY variant covers available for $20 each, and only 50 signed Steranko AIRBOY variant covers for $40 each.”

Airboy Steranko

With the campaign unlocking all four of its stretch goals, backers will get 48 pages instead of 28 pages for Airboy #51. These extra pages will include 4 more pages of story plus “incredible Airboy sketches…and maybe an essay or two about the history of Airboy!” There will also be a back-up story featuring The Heap.

The campaign will also feature a number of unique Airboy sketches. However, many of them have already been sold out. Sketches that are still available are done by artists Dave Dye, Hilary Barta, Sal Velluto, Nick Cagnetti, and Nir Levie.

You can check out the full campaign on IndieGoGo.


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