The Game of Thrones Season 8 finale just wrapped up and we’ve finally discovered who will rule the Seven Kingdoms, at least for the time being.

The finale is full of betrayal. First, Daenerys Targaryen arrests Tyrion Lannister for treason after he released Jamie.

However, this betrayal would result in a much greater one. Tyrion convinces Jon Snow to betray Daenerys.

Jon Snow confronts Daenerys in the now destroyed throne room. After discovering that she attempts to rule the world with an iron fist under her moral code, Snow stabs her in the chest killing her.

With Daenerys dead there is a huge power vacuum. Greyworm arrests Jon Snow and keeps him prisoner. It’s unclear for how long, but it appears to be for a lengthy period of time as all of the ruling lords have gathered in King’s Landing including Sansa Stark, Yara Greyjoy, Edmure Tully, Robin Arryn, and Gendry Baratheon.

Greyworm brings Tyrion to the gathering and they then decide on who will be the next King of the Seven Kingdoms. Edmure Tully puts forth a speech, but is quickly silenced by Sansa Stark, who tells him to sit down.

Tyrion is then asked his opinion on who should rule. The Imp makes a rousing speech in favor of Brandon the Broken to become the next king. He receives a near unanimous vote. The only person to not give their support to Bran is Sansa Stark.

Instead of throwing her support behind Bran, Sansa petitions to have the North become an independent kingdom. Bran accepts this decision and is thus chosen to become the new King of the Seven Kingdoms or I guess it’s the Six Kingdoms now with the North becoming its own independent realm.

Thus, Bran becomes the King and the ruler in King’s Landing.

Like the King’s before him he has a small council. The council consists of Tyrion as his Hand, Bronn as the Master of Coin, Brienne of Tarth as the head of the Kingsguard, Samwell Tarly is the Grand Measter, and Ser Davos becomes the Master of Ships.

What do you make of Bran becoming the King? Is this how you figured it would end? What would you have changed?

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