As a result of the outrage and publicity sparked by a recent Buzzfeed News piece criticizing and decrying the content produced by fourteen-year old YouTuber ‘Soph’, the young content creator has been investigated by local law enforcement and found herself the subject of a protest by fellow classmates at her high school.

On May 17th, local Bay Area news station KRON4 reported that Soph had been subject to two separate police investigations due to the content of the videos uploaded to her YouTube page. The first concerned alleged threats made in the introduction of her video YouTube: Parental Discretion Advised, wherein Soph states:

“Susan, I’ve known your address since last summer. I’ve got a Luger and a mitochondrial disease. I don’t care if I live. Why should I care if you live or your children? I just called an Uber. You’ve got about seven minutes to draft up a will. … I’m coming for you, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.”

The Tiburon Police Department determined that this was not a credible threat after determining that Soph did not have access to any firearms. The source video has since been deleted and re-uploaded with the alleged threat removed:

The second investigation was conducted by the Central Marin Police and investigated complaints and issues raised by students at her high school regarding her videos. Some students who took great offense with Soph’s content also staged a school walkout as an act of protest. In speaking with the news station, one student told KRON4:

“It just disgusts me personally. I can’t believe she’d say that if she serious, if she’s being funny — it’s not funny and she needs to learn that it’s really not funny.”

At the time of writing, no conclusions regarding the second investigation have been reported to the public.

Though Soph refused to provide a comment on the situation to KRON4 reporter Maureen Kelly, on the same day that these developments had been reported, Soph made an appearance on a livestream hosted by the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the independent news YouTube channel Red Ice TV, Henrik Palmgren. During the livestream, Soph provided a litany of comments as she and Palmgren discussed the circumstances of the outrage directed towards her, YouTube’s responses, and what her plans are going forward:

What do you make of the police investigations into Soph?


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