Today’s cosplay of the day is Anaelic as Fire Emblem’s Olivia.

Anaelic became Fire Emblem’s Olivia at the MCM London Comic Con.


Take a look.

Anaelic had previously cosplayed Olivia while at Viencon.

Olivia first appeared in Fire Emblem Awakening as a playable character. She appears in Chapter 10 after the player defeats Mustafa. She aids Chrom and his forces before their fight against Gangrel by dancing for them. Her dancing is able to invigorate Chrom’s soldiers and allow them to work twice as hard.

Chrom has the option of marrying Olivia after the end of Chapter 11. If the two are wed, she becomes the queen of Ylisse, and gives birth to Lucina.

If Chrom does not marry Olivia, she continues to travel the world becoming a legendary dancer. She will even encounter her son Inigo, who also has aspirations of becoming a dancer.

Olivia also had the option of marrying Robin, Donnel, Frederick, Gaius, Gregor, Henry, Kellam, Libra, Lon’qu, Ricketn, Stahl, Vaike, and Virion.

Olivia also appears in the Fire Emblem Heroes mobile game. She also appeared in the Nintendo Switch Fire Emblem Warriors game.

Take a look at some of the conversation between Chrom and Olivia from Fire Emblem Awakening.

What do you make of Anaelic’s Olivia cosplay from Fire Emblem?