Facebook Bans Political Cartoonist and Former Marvel Comics Artist Mike Harris Over Abortion Cartoon

Facebook banned political cartoonist and former Marvel Comics artist Mike Harris after he debuted one of his recent political cartoons regarding the recent abortion debate happening in the country.

Harris worked for Marvel Comics in the early 90s providing inks on a number of issues of Chuck Dixon’s The Punisher War Journal. He also had a lengthy run providing pencils on The ‘Nam in the early 90s. He’s also worked on The Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America, and the X-Men.

Here’s the political cartoon in question.

Mike Harris political cartoon

Harris received a three-day ban from Facebook as they escalated their censorship policies against him due to the political cartoon. His cartoon, which was published by American Thinker on May 17th, was deemed to have violated Facebook’s guidelines and subsequently removed.

Harris would initially receive a notice from Facebook indicating his political cartoon violated their Community Standards about a week ago. The cartoon was removed from his Artist’s Page on Facebook.

Harris would appeal the cartoon’s removal, but it would be denied. While the appeal was in process, Harris would take to his personal account to share the cartoon and the fact that Facebook had deemed it violated their “Community Standards.”

Obviously, irritated by Facebook’s censorship Harris commented on, “Fascistbook already took this down on my artist page, because it hurt some abattoir-enabling leftist’s feelings.” He would also share his cartoon with those comments.

That post would also be deemed to violate Facebook’s “Community Standards.”

Harris would then receive a 3-day ban from posting on Facebook, and they would threaten him with a permanent termination of his account.

Maybe the most interesting aspect of this entire story is that Facebook specifically targeted Harris for his political cartoon. A number of other individuals who have shared the political cartoon on Facebook have not faced any kind of censorship. If the cartoon really violated Facebook’s guidelines one would believe they would have used their artificial intelligence tools to scrub the image from their website entirely. It leads me to believe they are specifically targeting the artist in an attempt to change his behavior and possibly discourage him from continuing to create political cartoons.

Harris is not the only political cartoonist to face the wrath of censorship from Facebook. Facebook recently banned conservative cartoonist Ben Garrison from Instagram. Garrison reported his Instagram account had been disabled and one of his cartoons had been deleted from his account because it violated Instagram’s Community Guidelines on “hate speech or symbols.”

You can follow Mike Harris at his website: mikeharrisartwork.wordpress.com.

What do you make of Facebook censoring Mike Harris’ political cartoon, and then giving him a 3-day ban that prevents him from posting to the platform?

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