Godzilla: King of the Monsters Audience Score Smashes Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer Into Oblivion!

Rotten Tomatoes officially released their Audience Score for Warner Bros. Godzilla: King of the Monsters and it absolutely demolishes the website’s Tomatometer score.

The current verified Audience Score sits at an outstanding 90% from 1,629 reviews.

The All Audience score also sits at 90% from 5,290 reviews.

Here’s what the fans are saying:

Ryan H gives the movie 5 stars. He writes, “I  absolutely loved this film. It was well paced and fantastically executed. Graphics are amazing and the acting is great.”

Jesus G gives the movie 5 stars. He writes, “As a big Godzilla fan this movie delivered on everything I could ever want in a Godzilla movie. The musical score whenever the Titans appeared or fought was fantastic! They even made Mothra badass in this movie which I thought was not possible. Some of the jokes in the movie did fall flat but I didn’t come to this movie for jokes.”

Josh D gives it 5 stars. He writes, “Great Godzilla movie. Makes a wonderful new Godzilla saga with events that relate to the original Japanese films, but with a slight twist.”

Christopher G gives the film 1 star. He writes, “This film was the biggest pile of Godzilla s**t. The writing was terrible, the plot points awful. It was bordering on the its so bad its good line but remained so bad its terrible.”

Colton M gives the movie a 1/2 star. He writes, “Plot is a total mess and very spotty CGI especially for the budget of the movie.”

Billy C gives it 5 stars. He writes, “Awesome! Enjoyed the fighting scenes.”

Nicolas R gives it 5 stars. He writes, “The best modern Godzilla I’ve seen. Captures the horror and magnitude of the Kaiju, and stays true to the best tropes and traditions. I’m sorry for you if you go into a Kaiju movie excited for the human B plot. They’re just the announcers in this bout. #JusticeForMothra.”

Thomas S gives it a 5 stars. He writes, “Great visually, and I personally loved the old Godzilla music throughout the movie. They hit every nostalgia button for me. I love Godzilla and I loved this movie.”

Hunter C gives it 5 stars. He writes, “these critics are straight up cringe. the story doesnt matter is a monster movie do you expect a good story? other than that this movie is kickass as all hell.”

Rex W gives the film 1 and a half stars. He writes, “Still too dark. Still too chaotic. Still too much human stuff. They never really pulled the camera back and let you see what was happening. Way too much rapid-fire editing.”

Sean P gives the film 5 stars. He writes, “The film showcases why Godzilla has been the king since 1954. It’s about the monsters! Not only were the stakes raised. But Lawrence Sher cleverly shot each scene beautifully, and Michael Dougherty writes a love letter to the Japanese mythos we know and love. The monsters have more personality in this go around. The human element has a coexistence that doesn’t fall under helplessness. This movie was great. For all Kaiju lovers.”

Shaun S gives the movie 4 stars. He writes, “so good. The critic tomato meter is off on this one.”


Metacritic has also released their User Score. It currently has a 7.8 score with 45 positive reviews, 8 mixed, and 6 negative.

One Honest Critic gives the movie a 10. They write, “Godzilla: King of the Monsters is a fun, action-packed, satisfying summer movie. I liked the plot and the graphics most of all. The acting was not too bad, either. I really enjoyed this movie. I highly recommend checking it out.”

DubIM981 gives the movie an 8. They write, “This delivers everything a monster movie needs. Urban beat downs and scientists trying to save the world. It’s terrifying and loads of fun”

Dharma gives the movie a 7. They write, “Godzilla King of the Monsters (KOM) succeeds in delivering big scale fights akin to the Godzilla of yesteryear, but boosted up with today’s special effects. The problem of this film is typical in all Godzilla films. With all these monsters bashing each other out, who needs the human characters? They are played well, but at the end of the day, they are clearly not the focus of the movie. As such, the unfolding story line rings hollow, as clearly they are just padding until the next set piece. On a more positive note, the monsters…wow. Seeing Ghidorah, Rodan and Mothra on screen using modern CGI is a sight to behold and worth the price of admission.”

Checker gives the film a 5. They write, “Godzilla is fun by all means but the plot was very cliche and badly told with some forgettable characters and villains.In fact it was the first movie I slept while watching after five years of movie experience.Despite that,they also gave us some cool and exciting fight scenes along the way and the cgi was amazing but in certain scenes the monster cgi looks a little bit…off.By all means if you are going to watch Godzilla watch it for the cool fight scenes and monsters but not for the characters and plot.Average at best.”

Jortigo gives the movie a 5. They write, “This movie stands out with the special effects but it totally fails with the script. Again, like its predecessor, the history of the people is longer than that of the titans,”

EgoBorder gives the movie a 1. They write, “Wow, what a dumb movie. It’s too bad, because the production value is incredibly high, but they must have gotten some intern to write the script for free. It doesn’t seem like it should be this difficult to have a decent story for the human characters in a movie about giant monsters. But honestly all the characters here are so alien, all I can think is that the writers just didn’t have any ideas at all and decided to go with something that couldn’t be called offensive by anyone. This is a movie to rent for cheap and fast forward through every single moment that doesn’t feature the creatures on screen. Oh and the trailer is deceptive, it has very little to do with the girl, it’s more about her parents if anything.”

Bounding Into Comics

Our very own J.B. Augustine had high praise for Godzilla: King of the Monsters. He wrote, “This is the best Godzilla movie in years and the best to come from an American studio.” Read his full review here.

What do you make of the Audience Scores and the User Score? Will this affect whether or not you see Godzilla: King of the Monsters? Have you already seen it? What did you think?

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