Anime News Network responded to YouTuber Hero Hei’s claim that he won the DMCA Strike dispute against Anime News Network.

Hero Hei had taken to Twitter to announce he had won his dispute with Anime News Network. Not only did he announce he had won the dispute on Twitter, but he also did a live stream indicating his streaming ability had been restored. The DMCA strike had previously disabled his ability to live stream.

In the live stream Hero Hei stated:

“We won the dispute. We beat Anime News Network. They knew better than to try to actually sue over this bullshit strike, because they would’ve got their ass handed to them. And they did, because they didn’t escalate the issue. They chickened out.”

Anime News Network responded to Hero Hei’s claim of victory by threatening, “If by ‘won the dispute’ you mean ‘gave up and deleted the infringing video.’ Sure. Whatever. We dare you to upload it again in the exact same format.”

They also posted a screenshot indicating a video had been removed by a user, but the screenshot does not indicate what that video was or who the user was that removed it.

Fellow YouTuber and lawyer Nick Rekieta responded to Anime News Network’s threat.

He wrote:

“If by “filed a dispute” you mean you attacked his channel over a video which was clearly fair use because you’re a worthless pile of garbage publication, sure, whatever.

“We dare you to upload again”

Why would he eat a strike so you could file another false claim? Chumps.”

Rekieta had previously announced he was representing Hero Hei in the DMCA dispute. He made the announcement in a livestream on May 2nd:

“I am representing Hero Hei in this counter notification action. We have sent a counter-notification to ANN, and since I was doing it professionally, and not on behalf of myself, there’s no profanity or insults in there. If it was from me, it would probably be a little bit different.”

Hero Hei has not responded to Anime News Network’s threat. However, plenty of others have come to his defense.

Clownfish TV, who were labeled “Nazis” by an Anime News Network’s employee for their coverage of the Vic Mignogna sexual misconduct allegations, questioned why Anime News Network was threatening a YouTuber.

Plenty of others simply mocked Anime News Network with memes.

What do you make of Anime News Network’s response to Hero Hei’s claim that he won the DMCA dispute against them?

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