Jessica Chastain Reveals New Details Her Mysterious Role in X-Men: Dark Phoenix!

As the press tour for X-Men: Dark Phoenix continues, Jessica Chastain talked a little bit more about her role in the movie.

Previously, it was speculated that she would be a Skrull Empress, or Lilandra of the Shi’ar Empire. Some even thought she’d be a gender-bent version of Mastermind from the Hellfire Club. Chastain’s actions in trying to coax Jean Grey into indulging in the powers of the Phoenix are a kind of a callback to the comics when Mastermind did the same. But director Simon Kinberg shot down all of those theories.

Chastain talked more about her role in the film, without really spoiling what her role was.

“Basically I’m there to encourage Jean to be her full self and that includes the darkness. I was like, I was saying something, I was like the little devil whispering in her ear, on her shoulder.”

As vague as all that might be, we’ve talked about in time past that Chastain might actually be an astral projection of the Phoenix Force who only Jean Grey can see. And maybe Xavier, if he’s peering into Jean’s mind.

A mention of the D’Bari? reports Chastain is working for the D’Bari Empire.

“…though in the movie she is making an effort to help the D’Bari Empire.”

I was a little stumped by this statement as there are no other sources that give this much information about the character. I’m still looking for answers about this statement, but if this is true of the character, then that’s a big reveal.

The D’Bari are a race of extra-terrestrial creatures from a distant galaxy. Being a plant-like species, they look more like humans in broccoli form, complete with green skin and dark bushy green hair.

They are introduced in Avengers vol. 1 #4 way back in 1964. However, during the Dark Phoenix arc in Uncanny X-Men #135 (1980), their entire civilization is destroyed when the Phoenix flew into their sun and destroyed their solar system.

Only a scant few D’Bari who were not present on their homeworld during its destruction live on in other comic runs, showing up in random issues of She Hulk, Nova, and Wolverine.

If Chastain’s character is working to help the D’Bari, then we’ll probably expect a dark turn when the Phoenix turns against her and destroys her home planet and all its people.

A Future for her Role

We don’t know what’s going to happen with the X-Men franchise going forward. All signs point to a massive recasting for all the characters for the MCU. However, Chastain did talk about reprising her Dark Phoenix role in another film.

“I wouldn’t mind doing it again. I definitely wouldn’t do it for 10 years, so it’s an interesting thing, because I think a lot of the contracts now last for a long time. But yeah, it’s fun to come in and play and hang out and have a good time and, and then skedaddle, then maybe come back in a few years, do it again.”

So, nerdy speculation indicates she can come back and play the role again in subsequent films. Maybe she isn’t working with the D’Bari then, but against them? And using the Phoenix to wipe them out for her own purposes?

Maybe we’ll officially find out Chastain’s role when Dark Phoenix comes out in theaters on June 7th.

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