Actress Sigourney Weaver confirmed she will be returning to the new Ghostbusters film as Dana Barrett.

Weaver spoke to Parade stating, “It’s going to be crazy working with the guys again!”

Not only did Weaver confirm she is returning, but Parade reports that Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd will also be reprising their roles as  Dr. Peter Venkman and Dr. Raymond Stantz. They state, “She’s also set to reunite with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.”

Ghostbusters 3 was announced in January earlier this year. The movie will be directed and co-written by Jason Reitman, the son of the original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman.

Reitman described the film at the time of the announcement as a “passing of the torch both inside and out.”

Aykroyd recently praised the script for the sequel in an interview with 660 News.

“Ivan Reitman’s son Jason has written a beautiful script, I can’t say too much about it but it’s going to get made and hopefully there’ll be some familiar faces….”

He also provided an update on the budget for the film. Aykroyd told 660, “It’s definitely going to be way under $100 (million). I would think. Movies cost a lot today. It can’t be $30 (million), $50 (million) would be stretching it. I don’t know. Listen, it’s going to be as little as we can spend.”

He did note that he hopes they will use more mechanicals and puppets instead of CGI.

“I’m always urging to use puppets. I’m always urging to go back to the mechanicals. But CGI is so efficient and easy to use but I think that all of us are on board with the idea of maybe doing mechanicals and puppets where we can.”

Aykroyd also echoed Reitman’s passing of the torch statement:

“It’s so different from even the first and second (film)…. This just takes it to a new generation and a new direction that is so warm, heartfelt and indeed, quite scary when you confront some of the issues that are being discussed.”

Weaver is currently filming in New Zealand for the upcoming Avatar sequels.

Are you excited to see Sigourney Weaver return? What do you expect from this Ghostbusters sequel?


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