Cosplay of the Day: Stephanie Stone as Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa Lockhart

Today’s cosplay of the day is Stephanie Stone as Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa Lockhart.

Take a look.

Tifa Lockhart is one of the playable characters from Final Fantasy VII. She is Cloud’s childhood friend from Nibelheim, but the two parted ways over the years. However, when the two run into each other again, she recruits him to join AVALANCHE and take the fight to the Shinra Electric Power Company.

Tifa has a deep hatred for Shinra after Sephiroth went berserk and destroyed the town killing Tifa’s father. She uses her bar and restaurant called 7th Heaven as a secret base for AVALANCHE.

She works with Barret Wallace and Cloud to confront Shinra and eventually put them on the hunt for Sephiroth.

As a playable character in Final Fantasy VII, Tifa is a trained martial artist and uses her skills to help the party. She primarily wields claws and glove weapons. Her ultimate weapon called Premium Heart allows her to deal more damage depending on how full her Limit gauge is. Tifa can also become the party leader in Final Fantasy VII replacing Cloud at some points. She can also participate in the snowboarding and Chocobo racing minigames.

Along with Final Fantasy VII, Tifa has appeared in Dissidia, Opera Omnia, Theatrhythm, Record Keeper, and Brave Exvius. She has also appeared in Kingdom Hearts, Puzzle & Dragons, Itadaki Street, and Ehreiz: God Bless the Ring.

Ayumi Ito is the primary voice actress for Tifa. She has also been voiced by Yōko Asada and Yūko Minaguchi. Rachael Liegh Cook voiced Tifa in the English dub of Final Fantasy VII. Britt Baron voices Tifa in the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Tifa was originaly designed by Tetsuya Nomura.

Tifa also had her own theme song titled “Tifa’s Theme.” The song plays during Tifa’s flashback of Cloud’s promise and as background music in the 7th Heaven bar.

What do you make of Stephanie Stone’s cosplay as Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa Lockhart?

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