Fantasy Soft announced a brand new Prince Adventures spin-off titled Prince Adventures: Chronicles and Vic Mignogna and Todd Haberkorn provided a nice tease of their characters for the upcoming Prince Adventures anime series.

This new series will follow the adventures of the “Tehuti twins, Prince Zaphnath and Princess Kakra before, during, and after the Great Tribulation.”

Fantasy Soft announced that they will not only be creating an anime series for Prince Adventures: Chronicles, but there will also be manga and comics detailing their adventure.

For those unfamiliar with Prince Adventures, the property was originally launched with a short film back in 2015 titled Prince Adventures: Anointed.

They have since expanded on the universe releasing a number of light novels and manga over the years. In 2017 they released Prince Adventures: Genesis. They followed that up with Prince Adventures: Deliverance in 2018. And are planning to release Prince Adventures: Wrath of the Albino Soul Minion later this year.

They are also working on developing a Prince Adventures anime series that is expected to debut in the Fall of 2020. They already have top-tier voice talent lined up for the series which includes Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, Wendy Powell, Tyrone Magnus, Chuck Huber, Daniel Profeta, Christina Haystead, and Bonnie Gordon. They have also brought on Roc Chen to compose the series.

Mignogna’s character Prince Nai recently provided fans with an update.

Here’s a look at Prince Nai:

Prince Nai

Todd Haberkorn also provided a glimpse into his two characters Tirk and Dirk Tigershirk

Fantasy Soft announced the pilot is ready to go back in May.

Prince Adventures is set in the world of Orion. The world was originally created as a paradise for humans and the intelligent half-animal humans that inhabit it. However, Lucifer became jealous of God’s power and tempted the people to fall into sin causing death and ruin to come to Orion. Thousands of years after the fall, there are seven kingdoms across Orion each with different people and measure of faith.


The Prince Adventures series is expected to stream on Fantasy Soft’s upcoming streaming service called Potarii. Not only will Potarii host these Prince Adventures series, but Fantasy Soft promises they are looking to expand their line-up for the service with licensed cartoons, anime, and movies.

While they plan to work on building up their licensed IPs. They are also announcing other series alongside their Prince Adventures Universe which include Bible Thumpers.

Fantasy Soft also has a number of other projects in development.

Are you looking forward to these upcoming anime series? What do you make of the Prince Adventures Universe?