John Cena Hints He Will Be in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad

True to form, nobody can see John Cena when it comes to The Suicide Squad. Continually, he is brought up in the conversation regarding who will play Charlton’s Peacemaker in the character’s film debut. Nothing is confirmed yet by either Warner Bros. Studios or director James Gunn.

Cena himself, though, seemed to give credence to the theory he is stepping into the role in a recent interview with TheWrap. He referred to his potential casting as “a tremendous opportunity for growth.” And then he teased involvement by adding:

“You have to get everything buttoned up before you can make it official, I don’t want to say anything … I will just say that if that opportunity presents itself, then I will be very grateful to take it.”

Words like that suggest the actor-wrestler is in talks and he may be on a shortlist with stiff competition. In the vein of Robert Pattinson, Cena could be one of two Gunn and WB have in mind. Dave Bautista, a favorite and friend of Gunn, was rumored to be in line for Peacemaker but scheduling got in the way. “That opportunity” being an “if” in Cena’s mind might mean they are leaving the door open for Bautista.

Dave Bautista Peacemaker

Cena’s casting is in question because it’s chalked up mostly as speculation. But, everyone talks as if the role is all but his. Adding weight to the possibility is a listing for Suicide Squad under his official IMDb credits in pre-production. For some, that’d be proof enough although the site doesn’t say he is Peacemaker.

Far from the only one, the tight-lipped reaction toward the rebooted Suicide Squad is mirrored by all involved. Jai Courtney didn’t offer many spoilers when he was asked about Captain Boomerang. Joel Kinnaman, meanwhile, appears to be training to return as Rick Flagg but didn’t say so. And we still have no idea who Idris Elba is playing.

John Cena has signed on to be in the 9th Fast & Furious movie. Next up for him is Playing with Fire, a comedy co-starring Brianna Hildebrand (Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool and Deadpool 2) that inherited Sonic the Hedgehog’s release date.

The Suicide Squad enters production this fall; directed and written by James Gunn, it comes out August 6, 2021, to theaters.

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