Max Landis Accused of Abuse, Subjecting Actress Whitney Moore to “Horrific, Inhumane Things”

Hollywood screenwriter and director Max Landis has been publicly accused by actress and former girlfriend Whitney Moore of being highly abusive and doing ”horrific, inhumane things” to her during their relationship.

On June 11th, Moore posted a statement to her personal Twitter account, captioning the Tweet with the claim that “a dam has been broken”:

In her statement, Moore states:

I never thought I would say anything publicly about the things Max Landis did to me because I believed that forgiveness was the correct way to heal. I even defended him, for so long, because I truly believed he was getting better and that the ways he tortured me was isolated to our relationship. I thought there was no point in sharing the horrific, inhumane things he did to me because publicly condemning someone who is working on themselves is unproductive. Now I know that this was a lie; he never got any better. He hid behind his friendship with me and several other good people so he could continue hurting people behind closed doors and not be questioned.

Moore did not provide details regarding the specific “horrific, inhumane things” Landis allegedly subjected her to. As of writing, there has been no indication from Moore that she intends to divulge further details regarding her traumatic experiences.

Moore’s statement quickly spread, garnering sympathy and support across social media, including from celebrities such as actress and cosplayer Chloe Dykstra, Doom Patrol and The Flash (CW) costumer Manzi DeYoung, and Cult Faves host Cher Martinetti:

This is not the first time Landis has been accused of abuse and sexual misconduct, as multiple women spoke out publicly about his behavior in December 2017, shortly before the release of the Landis penned film Bright. One of these accusers claimed they were allegedly interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter regarding Landis’ behavior, but the story was not published (the original Medium post featuring these claims, written by the anonymous accuser, has since been deleted). Save for the anonymous Medium post and the insinuations of multiple tweets, details of Landis’ alleged former abuse have not been publicly detailed.

According to reporter Stephanie Haney, The Daily Mail reached out to Landis’ attorney Howard Abramson asking for comment, but as of writing, Landis has not responded publicly to Moore’s accusations.

What do you make of these accusations against Max Landis?

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