Today’s cosplay of the day is Riki Le Cotey as Alita Battle Angel.

Take a look.

Alita Battle Angel is a female cyborg who has lost her memories in a post-apocalyptic world. She is the main protagonist in Yukito Kishiro’s Gunm manga that was translated to English as Battle Angel Alita.

Gunm follows Alita as she is discovered and brought back to life a by a cybernetics doctor. She attempts to rediscover who she is and learn about her past. Her journey leads her to becoming a Hunter Warrior as she remembers the legendary cyborg martial art Panzer Kunst.

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#tbt cosplaying Alita In 2007! Anyone who has attended my panels will know this costume as my worst costume mishap and @london2191 favourite story. First off let me point out that latex is glued and not sewn which doesn’t REALLY matter, what matters is… I didn’t want to wear underwear cause of seam lines, CYBORGS DONT HAVE PANTY LINES and Mid way through the con I was doing a pose on the ground where one leg is kicked out to one side for a group of people taking my picture.. when I felt a cold draft Center crotch seam!! . Not wanting to make them feel akward that I might have been underage I made a comment about “good thing there is grass on the field”. Then proceeded to ask to look at “how cool the picture look” Only to check if you could see anything, no one saw anything, or got photos of anything. Trying not to cry I asked to borrow someone’s hoodie, wrapped in around my waist and only burst out in tears when I got back to my hotel room. I did t wear this costume for like 3 years after that and I now where like 3 pairs of underwear. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES AND I STILL LOVE THIS COSTUME! HAHA Photo by @pixelettepinups Makeup by @skinbylindze #themoreyouknow #alitabattleangel #alita #alitaexperience #battleangelalita #gunnm #cyborg @alitamovie @alitaexperience

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The original Gunm would feature two sequels in Battle Angel Alita: Last Order and Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle.

A collection of short side stories was also published in Battle Angel Alita: Holy Night & Other Stories.

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People are getting early screenings of battle Angel Alita. I have my fingers crossed as Alita vol 1 was one of the first Mangas I read, and I still continue to collect to this days. The OVA Being one of my favourites. This costume was made in 2007, arms were sculpted on top of an arm cast I had, then molded and cast in Fiberglas with metal powder (and knees) the bodysuit was some in Latex. The Damascus switch blade I think I purchase off amazon. I once had someone who worked along side the creator/Artist that Kishiro likes me costume (back then I was one of the very few Alita cosplayers). Who knows if it was true but damn if I didn’t want to believe it! So Even if the movie doesn’t blow your mind, I suggest you check out the source material. #battleangelalita #battleangel #gunnm #alitacosplay #alitamovie

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The manga would get an anime adaptation in 1993. A two-episode OVA was released that adapted the first two volumes of the manga. Alita is voiced by Amanda Winn Lee in the English dubbed version. Miki Itou provides the voice for the original Japanese version.

Gunm creator Yukito Kishiro noted he was too busy with the manga “to review the plan cooly.” It is currently the only anime adaptation for the franchise.

However, a 3-minute animated clip was included in the Japanese version of the Gunm: Complete Edition released in 1998. It showed Alita in a Third League Motorball race.

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TBS THROW BACK SATURDAY to 2007, I’m Still proud of these arm, it was my first cosplay where I had parts of my body cast (no 3D scanning) and then learned to sculpt, mold and Cast (with Fiberglass w metal powder). It was my “practice” costume to learn techniques before I made my Bubblegum crisis hard suit. Why Fiberglass? Worbla/Thermal plastics and foam products weren’t as cosplay friendly back in those days. I have Love seeing how much the hobby and now industry has grown and changed, from products to acceptance. I feel I have dropped the ball in helping the community, especially when it came tutorials, I felt I was still learning and wasn’t expert enough to write tutorials when there are hella more talented people out there but always happy to answer questions when I can. Cosplay has been so important to me that at the end of my cosplay journey I hope I have given back as much as it has given me. Regardless Can’t wait to see what the future brings. #battleangelalita @alitamovie #battleangel #gunnm #alitacosplay #cyborg

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Most recently, Alita was adapted to live-action by producer James Cameron and director Robert Rodriguez. Alita was portrayed by actress Rosa Salazar.

What do you make of Riki Le Cotey’s cosplay of Alita Battle Angel?

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