Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson’s Men in Black International got vaporized at the box office on its opening weekend.

According to Box Office Mojo, the film debuted by bringing in only $28.5 million at the domestic box office. It would bring in $73.7 million at the global box office for a worldwide gross of $102.2 million. Box Office Pro had predicted that Men in Black International would bring in between $30 and $50 million in its opening weekend back in April. Needless to say, it did not hit those marks.

This is the lowest debut for any of the Men in Black films. The previous lowest opening weekend gross was the first Men in Black film which grossed $51 million in its opening weekend back in 1997.

Men in Black International received a B rating from CinemaScore. It received abysmal critic response. The Rotten Tomatoes critic score currently sits at 24%. Audiences did have a more favorable reaction. As the All Audience score sits at 61% and the Verified Score is currently at 66%. The critic response on Metacritic was slightly higher than Rotten Tomatoes with a score of 38. However, the user score is 3.8, a drastic difference from Rotten Tomatoes.

Not only did the film get quite a number of bad reviews, but actress Tessa Thompson stirred some controversy around the film when she hinted that the franchise’s name might be changed during the movie’s premiere.

Thompson told Variety that she believes her character, Agent M, will work to change the name of the Men in Black organization in potential subsequent films. Thompson told them, “And maybe if we make more maybe that will change. And certainly I think if Agent M sticks around the organization long enough she will probably push some buttons to make it change and frankly that’s the only way that things change. People on the inside that have a real stake. Really calling the institutions out.”

She would elaborate on this idea with the Associated Press, where she revealed she actually pitched a number of new names for the franchise and organization.

Thomspon stated, “I don’t mind the title. But if we do a couple more I wouldn’t mind. I pitched some ideas like “People in Black,” but that would be PIB which sounds like a sandwich. I pitched Humans in Black which would be HIB which sounds like something you don’t want to get. We’ll see. I think we can change the name at some point.”

Box Office Mojo estimates Men in Black International had a $110 million production budget. The film will have to do some serious work in the ensuing weeks in order to ensure that it is profitable. However, things aren’t looking bright for the film.

Did you see Men in Black? What did you think? What do you make of these opening box office results?