Today’s Indie Comic of the Day is Mike Baron, Benjamin Henderson, and Jordi Armengol’s Offworlder. It is currently raising funds on IndieGoGo.

Offworlder is the story of 7th century Scottish clan leader Henry Gunn. Gunn is ripped out of a battle defending his homeland from Vikings by an alien race known as The Annunaki. Gunn is recruited by The Annunaki to be their champion and help the defeat their enemies, the Lizzarsin, who are attempting to conquer all known space.

Not only will Gunn be ripped from his home by this alien race, but he will also be transformed into a demi-god by the Egyptian goddess Sa’Ra. This transformation will allow him to travel through time and space at will.

Offworlder will be a 48-page graphic novel. 24 pages of the graphic novel have already been completed. The book is being described as in the tradition of The Silver Surfer and The Stars My Destination.

The Offworlder Team

The team behind Offworlder includes Eisner winner Mike Baron. Baron is known for his run on Nexus, which he won his Eisner. He also is the creator of The Badger and had lengthy runs on Action Comics, The Flash, Punisher, and Dark Horse’s Star Wars.

Baron is joined by Benjamin Henderson. Henderson is the founder of Cautionary Comics and the co-creator of Ravage – Kill All Men.

Finally, the team also includes artist Jordi Armengol. Armengol previously worked on Spanish publisher Amigo Comics’ Rogues! The Shadow Over Gerada.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from Offworlder.

There are a number of options on how folks can back Offworlder. There is a digital option, a physical option, and a physical newsprint option. There are also some additional perks you can grab like an Offworlder Collector’s Coin.

The campaign also features a number of other comics that can you can get your hands on. There is a Lonestar and Ravage – Kill All Men One-Shot crossover comic that is set during the Vietnam War.

You can also get Ravage – Kill All Men with a brand new cover by Jimbo Salgado.

There is also a VIP Pack that includes a metal cover by Lonestar creator Mike Miller.

The IndieGoGo campaign is aiming to raise $30,000. They have currently raised $6,087 from 104 backers. As of this writing they have 41 days left in the campaign.

Do you plan on backing Offworlder? Have you already?

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