Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston Calls Flying Sparks Creator Jon Del Arroz “Homophobic”

Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston described novelist and comic book writer Jon Del Arroz as “homophobic.”

Johnston took to Twitter where he wrote, “Just because you are homophobic doesn’t mean other Christians are.”

The back and forth between Del Arroz and Johnston began after Johnston published an article titled “John Del Arroz Identifies Secret Left-Wing #Comicsgate Grifters” on Bleeding Cool. The article highlighted Del Arroz’s own article titled, “The ComicsGate Grifters.”

Johnston’s description of Del Arroz came after Del Arroz wrote, “Your website rabble-rouses against any Christian artist to push the LGBT sin lifestyle all the time, including the article you hit me with this morning.”

Del Arroz and Johnston would go back and forth for quite a bit. We have documented their debate on Twitter below.

The debate began with Del Arroz describing Johnston as “Fake News” and stating that he is “misrepresenting things again.”

Johnston’s last statement is a complete and utter lie. In an article from February 2017 on Bleeding Cool, Johnston makes it clear he knows who Sarkeesian is. The article is titled, “Fathom Takes On Paul Joseph Watson, The Young Turks, Anita Sarkeesian, Chris Ray Gun, Shoe0nhead And Milo Yiannopoulos.” It is written by Johnston and includes a link to Sarkeesian’s YouTube channel Feminist Frequency.

What do you make of the debate between Johnston and Del Arroz? Who do you think won?

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