Marvel Entertainment Turns Drag Queen Dax! Into a New Marvel Superhero Named Typhoonicorn

Marvel Entertainment featured Drag Queen Dax in their most recent Marvel Make Me A Hero feature that saw artist Jacob Chabot turn Dax into the superhero Typhoonicorn.

In the video seen above, Dax states, “I always wanted to be more like the superheroine version of an actual woman. Not like a representation of actual femininity or actual womanhood, but more a drawing of woman, the idea of what that is.”

Dax goes on to discuss why representation matters in comics, “Visibility really matters. Visibility matters in comics. More often than not, people don’t literally think they want to see themselves in a thing, but when they do, it sparks something else in them.”

Dax then provides details about Typhoonicorn, “For my character, I kind of wanted to go with more of a celestial, like on par with the Phoenix Force, idea of it. An epic celestial force that has no edges and has no boundaries. So, as far as her powers go. I mean like definitely flight, controlling the cosmic energy fields which manifests through her hair, as would be. But then I mean telepathy, but like low level. I’m not thinking, ‘To Me My X-Men!’ I’m thinking more like she’s an empath. I wouldn’t call her a hero or a villain. I wouldn’t call her any definitive solid term. She’s just energy that inhabits a space.”

As far as the design of the superhero, Dax added, “I would definitely want her to appear as much like me as possible. But also definitely like something that appears as like African American or as a person of color in general would be ideal. Tall. Definitely glamorous. Something with like a starburst pattern. Something that really encompasses the Typhoonicorn, but also spacial entity kind of vibe. I really want like a heavy fuchsia and black or deep purple. I think silver would fit more with a fuchsia and a black or purple kind of vibe. But metallic. Just shining. Also has a headpiece. It’s got a big unicorn horn I’m seeing with a lightning bolt shaped unicorn horn. But that can be removed from the skull and turned into a giant energy sword.”

Dax then goes into details about Typhoonicorn’s duties:

I definitely see the Typhoonicorn as someone who would patrol space and whenever she came across an issue would address it. Definitely someone whose like down for fairness and against injustice of any kind towards any person or being. But the whole time with amazing shoes.”

What do you make of Marvel featuring Dax!? What do you think of Typhoonicorn’s design? When do you think Marvel will introduce Typhoonicorn in the comics?

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