Brianna Wu Takes Aim At Star Trek Actor William Shatner, He Fires Back!

Star Trek actor William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in Star Trek: The Original Series, found himself in the middle of an internet argument about autism, and how society should accommodate those with the disorder. Congressional candidate Brianna Wu threw herself into the argument attempting to take a shot at Shatner. The actor quickly shot her down with a firm response about her own past.

The argument came about from a number of disgruntled fans who were upset about Shatner’s choice of Autism charity. Shatner has raised funds for Autism Speaks going back as far as 2012.

In fact, the argument appears to stem from a disagreement Shatner had with the founder of Autism Self-Advocacy Network Ari Ne’eman back in 2017.

Shatner would reveal he was being attacked by autism activists because of his support for Autism Speaks.

Brianna Wu would weigh into the argument by attempting to contradict Shatner’s statement that people adapt to society not vice-versa.

She pointed to a number of Star Trek episodes where Captain Kirk went out of his way in an attempt to change certain peoples attitudes on issues.

In classic Shatner social media fashion, the actor shot back and reminded Wu of her own past conspiracy theory statements.

Wu previously claimed that “the moon is probably the most tactically valuable military ground for earth.” She added, “Rocks dropped from there have power of 100s of nuclear bombs.” As the Washington Times points out:

“Small space rocks can indeed do nuclear-weapons-scale damage if hitting the Earth at orbital speeds. But launching one from the moon, even setting aside issues of aiming, would still require escaping the satellite’s gravitational field, a task that requires the power and thrust contained in a huge rocket.”

Shatner made full use of the quote calling Wu’s idea “sci-fantasy” and then stating she must be a Star Wars fan.

Shatner wasn’t the only to take aim at Wu. One user called her out for not providing any real examples instead relying on examples from fiction.

Wu is no stranger to making a fool of herself in public. The congressional candidate recently appeared on Bloomberg Technoloy and claimed the government should intervene due to negative reviews of Disney’s Captain Marvel.

“Chang: They’re trying to get it under control, and we’ll see what more ‘private’ Facebook looks like, but does this mean we need legislation?

Wu: I think there is certainly a role in Washington for us to address what women face both in the tech industry and what users face on the other side. Something we’ve seen is really big promises from Facebook, from Twitter, from Reddit, from all these companies, that they’re going to address this situation. For me, looking at this in 2019, it’s very hard for me to point at one thing that has concretely changed for women in the tech industry. So I do think Washington has a role to play.”

If this is any indication, 2020 will see candidate Brianna Wu become more active. How do you think William Shatner handled the situation? Was it a great move? Or did he invite more criticism? Let me your thoughts in the comments below!

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