DC Comics Announces New Series “The Last God” – Set in the Horror Fantasy World of Cain Anuun!

DC Comics announced a brand new maxiseries, The Last God, from DC’s Talent Development Workshop alum Phillip Kennedy Johnson. Johnson will be joined by artist Riccardo Federici, colorist Dean White, and letterrer Tom Napolitano.

The Last God will follow a “cross-generational quest to kill an evil tyrant king – also known as the Last God – as he seeks to destroy the land of Cain Anuun.”


The Last God

Cover by Kai Carpenter

Johnson reveals a few details about the series:

“This is a terrifying horror story told in a stunning epic-fantasy world. Set in two different generations, it follows a mighty fellowship of heroes that travels beyond the borders of creation to kill a god, and the next generation, who learn their predecessors aren’t the heroes the world believes them to be”

He adds:

“This series features mind-blowing, terrifying art by Riccardo Federici, colorist Dean White, and letterer Tom Napolitano, three absolute geniuses in their fields, and epic world-building so deep and rich that it exists beyond the bounds of the page. Fans of D&DGame of ThronesLord of the Rings and Magic: The Gathering, and anyone who enjoys deep-dives into fantasy lore: you will be extremely well-served with The Last God. Stay tuned!”

The Last God

Cover by Kai Carpenter

In an interview with Inverse, Johnson describes the series as a “horror story told in a big, epic fantasy world.” He even compares it to Game of Thrones, “Game of Thrones kind of did horror, but it was only played at than a central aspect. This is 100% horror and also 100% a fantasy. There’s a blending of the genres.”

He also notes the world has its own set of problems.

“This world has slavery and subjugation and political turmoil. I wanted to use epic fantasy to talk about things that matter a lot to me, things that should matter to all Americans or citizens of the world. You don’t see happy elves. We see an aboriginal race that has been invaded and conquered. It’s a darker take on fantasy tropes.”

The Last God

Cover by Kai Carpenter

Johnson promises he plans to have source books and YouTube videos for lore hounds.

“We’re figuring out ways to put the world-building out there besides the comic. We want to do source books and YouTube videos so people who are complete lore hounds like I am can have fun.”

The Last God

Map by Jared Blando

Artist Riccardo Federici also notes the series will have a horror element to it to go along with the mythological overtones.

“When I was asked to draw this series I was so excited, both because I love the fantasy genre, especially when there are horror connotations, but also because it was an opportunity to graphically create a new world. “

The Last God

Here’s the official description from DC Comics:

“Thirty years ago, a fellowship of legendary adventurers saved their world by slaying the demonic tyrant Mol Uhltep—The Last God. Following his downfall, the realm entered a new age of peace and prosperity. But a generation later, when the leader of the original fellowship dies, their children and successors learn their terrible lie:

The Last God still lives.

A new generation of heroes must unearth the secrets that their parents kept, and set out to finish what was started thirty years before. And this time, they must not fail.”

The Last God

DC Comics Publisher Dan DiDio stated, “This series reinforces DC’s commitment to working with the best storytellers, as well as our commitment to finding new and original concepts to publish.”

The first issue of The Last God will release on October 30, 2019. It will then release each month under the DC Black Label. It will feature covers by Kai Carpenter.

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