In a previous story, we noted there were big plans for future seasons of Swamp Thing were the DC Universe original show allowed to continue. Justice League Dark would’ve formed with its constituent pieces — likely to include no less than John Constantine — assuredly put in place leading up to that.

Executive producer Gary Dauberman verified that to a point in an interview with JoBlo where he was asked about what he and fellow exec. producer Mark Verheiden had in mind. He admitted they wanted to draw from the comics as much as possible and expressed his gratitude to the loyal viewers:

“I got giddy thinking about the idea of just being able to adapt Swamp Thing for TV. There are so many stories you could do — set within that swamp and that town. We had such big ideas for the following seasons, and it’s a shame we can’t explore those now. But, man, I’m really happy people are seeing it and loving it the way that we do.”

Dauberman also addressed the revelation Swamp Thing could get re-upped in another form, probably as a feature, which was news to him:

“I can’t speak to the last question because I don’t know. I love that show. Mark Verheiden did such a great job captaining that ship. What Mark and I set out to do was to be true to the spirit of the comic, and I think we really accomplished that. I’m so happy to see that critics and fans are embracing it the way they are. We were really confident that people were going to dig it. “

Then he was asked about the show’s sudden end. Like actress Virginia Madsen and producer James Wan, Dauberman says he was blindsided by the cancellation:

“Yeah, that’s safe to say. It was a gut punch.”

Swamp Thing will keep streaming new episodes on DC Universe into August. The show was canceled suddenly after its premiere. Conflicting reports, promptly debunked, offered reasons related to tax credits and budget. DC Universe issued a statement on its forums regarding the show and the app’s future that didn’t clear anything up. A prevailing theory is creative differences related to genre and show direction are what really led to the show’s axing.

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