The Blue Beetle movie announced as in development at Warner Bros. last year might be headed for the next phase of production. And a young, almost unknown actor could be up for the lead role.

Brandon Larracuente visited Warner studios within the past week and kept his social media followers updated. The actor, who has been in 13 Reasons Why, Bloodline, and Bright, posted a shot of the Warner lot’s famous water tower and an image of a stack of Blue Beetle comics to his Instagram story.

An attentive Twitter user picked up on the photos and shared them with emoji eyes wide open, fueling speculation Larracuente is in negotiations to star as Blue Beetle.

The Blue Beetle Larracuente is conceivably in talks to play is Jaime Reyes, the armored youth enhanced by a scarab from outer space. Created by Keith Giffen, John Rogers, and Cully Hamner, Reyes took over the mantle, with notable improvements and an increase in power, from Ted Kord in 2006. He proved to be popular and has been the standard bearer ever since. Appearances on The Brave and the Bold, Smallville, and Young Justice further solidified his reputation.

Blue Beetle is a hero with a long history. A costumed crimefighter inherited by DC from Charlton Comics, Dan Garret was the first. He masqueraded as an adventurer similar to other Golden Age heroes appearing in 1939. Ted Kord was introduced in the mid-’60s when the character was revived by Steve Ditko and is the version most identifiable to well-versed comic readers.

No director is attached yet for Reyes’s big-screen debut but Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer (Miss Bala, Universal’s Scarface remake) reportedly is writing it. Zev Foreman (Dallas Buyers Club) is set to executive produce. Other inside dope is scarce except for Booster Gold possibly making an appearance, as he often did in Blue Beetle comics.

Larracuente, meanwhile, is also at work on a remake of Fox’s 90’s drama Party of Five.

Do you think Blue Beetle will see progress in Hollywood? Let us know.

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