DC’s Booster Gold Scriptwriter Provides Update on Film

Warner Bros. may be spacing out their slate neatly but that isn’t stopping them from exploring the cinematic possibilities of several DC characters, even if they get lost in the shuffle. Among those is the overconfident time-traveling superhero Booster Gold. A feature based on the Dan Jurgens creation was announced in 2016 and experienced little forward momentum.

Now, it can be said there is one development: the project has a complete script by Zack Stentz (co-writer of Thor and X-Men: First Class), who spoke to Mario-Francisco Robles, the editor at Revenge of the Fans, as a guest on his podcast.

Stentz revealed in his update the script is turned in and it’s up to Warner Bros. to greenlight it though he isn’t sure if they will change their mind and shift gears as they did in the last few years after parting ways with Zack Snyder.

I do not know what’s going on with it right now, honestly. And I don’t know if the DC people know what’s going on with it. Their strategy seems to change depending on how […] most recent movie did. But I can tell you that a script has been turned in that the director and producer, Greg Berlanti, has proclaimed himself to be very happy with. And it’s something that’s ready to go, but DC and Warner Bros. would need to give the greenlight to it. The ball is in their court.”

The Booster Gold movie was announced as in development in 2016 before all the Snyder Cut drama surrounding Justice League. Zack Stentz was tapped as the screenwriter from the start. He’s worked with Berlanti before, writing episodes of The Flash for The CW television show, and knows a thing or two about how superhero blockbusters work.

Arrowverse mastermind and Green Lantern producer Greg Berlanti has been attached to the project since the beginning too, as the producer and director. In 2018, he said it was still in development at WB while fans dreamed Nathan Fillion would get the part.

No progress has been made until now. What happens with the standalone film, meant to be unrelated to the main Extended Universe, could depend on how Joker does in October.

Real name Michael Jon Carter, Booster first appeared in 1986 in his own title after the event Crisis on Infinite Earths. He was a disgraced athlete in the 25th century who, upon studying the superheroes of present-day DC at Metropolis’s Space Museum, purloined some gear — including his flying robot companion Skeets — and traveled to the past to become a hero. Carter’s motive is to salvage his image and gain fame.

A string of solo films for DC have been announced lately. Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, Blue Beetle (which might also have eyes on Booster Gold), and Plastic Man are all reportedly in some stage of development.

Would you want to see a Booster Gold feature film?

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