Image Comics Teases New Series from Scott Snyder and Charles Soule Where America Built The Wall

Image Comics teased an upcoming new series from Batman writer Scott Snyder and Daredevil writer Charles Soule where America built the wall.

The series will feature art work from Giuseppe Camuncoli. It will also include Matt Wilson, Daniele Orlandini, Crank!, and Will Dennis.

Image Comics didn’t reveal much about the new series. However, here is what they did reveal:

“Thirty years ago, the United States sealed itself off from the world without warning.

Now the gates have finally opened, and an expedition has been launched to see what lies beyond…”

They teased more details would come during an announcement at San Diego Comic-Con.

However, Scott Snyder took to Twitter to compare the feel of the series to Land of the Lost. He described it as “big over the top adventure.”

Soule would describe the series as “one hell of a ride.”

What do you make of this tease? Does this premise interest you?

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