Anime and Manga Sales Continue to Grow as Industry Takes Notice of Expanding Overseas Markets

The outlook for the future of the manga and anime industry is shining bright as the industry continues to find success and popularity in international markets.

Project Anime recently held their Project Anime: Los Angeles 2019 event as part of “an international conference series that invites convention directors, executives, anime and Japanese pop culture industry leaders, distributors, exhibitors, and more to discuss ways to improve the anime and Japanese pop culture market in their territories and across the globe.” At the conference, Project Anime Producer and former Crunchyroll VP of Events and Manga Dallas Middaugh noted that anime and manga were “going through a period of radical change:”

As part of his opening remarks, chronicled on Twitter by MangaComicsManga writer Deb Aoki, Middaugh related his experiences working in the industry, illustrating how attitudes towards oversea markets have grown more positive and collaborative:

Middaugh proposes that there are three reasons for this shift in attitudes. The first, is the growing popularity of the medium worldwide:

The second is the declining age and population of Japan, which caused companies to look to international markets for future growth:

The final reason Middaugh puts forth is that, as the markets and fan bases of anime and manga grow, larger production companies are more interested in investing in projects based on the medium:

Middaugh’s optimism is not without merit, as these trends are supported by rapidly growing sales numbers. Anime streaming service Crunchyroll currently has 2 million paid subscribers after doubling their subscriber numbers in only 2 years. According to, 2018 sales of manga grew from it’s previous years revenue by 7.24%, a stark contrast to the 1% fall in revenue reported by the Western comic industry.

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