With Stranger Things Season Three currently being binge watched by fans, Dacre Montgomery and other cast members are using this time to answer some lingering questions. Fans want to know if Montgomery is interested in playing Red Hood, aka Jason Todd.

During a “Goes Undercover on Reddit” with GQ magazine, the actor addresses that question.

Outside the Mainline Universe?

In one respect, he’d be opened to the idea. But, it seems from his comment it would have to be outside of the mainline universe:

“I don’t know, I feel like I’m at an interesting point where I’m enjoying seeing the universes come to an end and other ones begin, but I would really love to play outside of the world that’s so prominent, I guess, in cinemas at the moment”

We’ve seen something similar with Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker which isn’t in the DCEU, but instead within its own world.

Montgomery explains why, and what he sees as the advantages of approaching a character such as Red Hood in that manner.

Red Hood Origin Story

The origin story could be using as a means to explore a different facet of the character. He also says this would allow a Red Hood film to be either done in Television format or movie:

“Which is just origin stories of amazing superheroes that we love. I’d love to dive into a different world that we don’t know, that we aren’t kind of given a lot of both in television format and cinema.”

You can watch the entire GQ segment below:


One of the aforementioned fan castings come from artist Will Gray who shared his vision of Dacre Montgomery as Jason Todd:

Dacre Montgomery is no stranger to playing a superhero. Some might know that he played Jason in the 2017 reboot of The Power Rangers. It’s a franchise he won’t be returning to as he recently spoke about Hasbro taking the Power Rangers into a different direction that includes a whole new cast.

What do you think, would Dacre Montgomery make a good Jason Todd? If so why? If not, then who do you believe could pull off the role? Let me know your ideas in the comments below!

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