San Diego Comic-Con Crowd Tells Matt Reeves “Don’t Screw Up Our Batman Movie”

An audience at San Diego Comic-Con has one clear and simple demand of Matt Reeves: “Don’t screw up our Batman movie.” The people spoke the stark words in unison at a Hall H panel last Thursday.

Reeves probably will take the words to heart in a good way but the display — which was caught on video — was a lighthearted prank by one of the director’s friends and collaborators. Composer Michael Giacchino was speaking at the panel when he instructed the crowd to say the collective plea.

Giacchino recorded them and the video was shared on Twitter by Reeves himself. He commented there is “Nothing like a little encouragement” and tagged his friend in the post. You can see the tweet and the video below.

The Batman has been in development for so long and undergone drastic script changes, a change of director, and a shift in creative direction in a short period of time. Reeves has seen delay after delay and in response took the opportunity to fine-tune his script.

Casting the main role was its own rollercoaster and kept onlookers in suspense for several months. The wishlist for Bruce Wayne eventually whittled down to Nicholas Hoult and the ultimate winner, Robert Pattinson.

All the waiting and hard work are, fortunately, paying off according to Giacchino. He and Reeves go way back and he is confident Reeves will deliver the best movie he can:

“Matt and I worked on Planet of the Apes together, we made Cloverfield. Matt is really big, Matt’s amazing. So, Matt wanted me to tell you that he’s working very hard to make a good movie.”

Although Giacchino is not attached to The Batman in any capacity, Reeves let him see some unspecified pre-production materials and Giacchino admitted he was impressed:

“I’ve actually been able to see a few things that he’s showed me that he’s working on and it’s pretty darn awesome. It looks really, really amazing.”

Giacchino’s involvement was then brought up. Him scoring the film sounds like a no-brainer but he said there is no offer on the table yet to band up again with Reeves:

“I don’t know. We’ll see. I just know that my friend is working really hard right now. Anyway, I’ll say that.”

The Batman, directed and written by Reeves, is due out in theaters on the 25th of June 2021. Production, slated for the UK, will reportedly start in January.

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