Season 2 of Doom Patrol can be declared official. The announcement came down at San Diego Comic-Con and was made by star Diane Guerrero (who plays Crazy Jane) and executive producer Jeremy Carver at the DC Universe panel.

The next season will come with a bonus. In addition to DC Universe, where the show premiered and currently airs, Doom Patrol is going to stream simultaneously on Warner Media’s new service HBO Max. New episodes shall premiere on both platforms when the latter goes online beginning next year.

Reruns of Season 1 will be streamable on HBO Max as well which was something viewers of the service’s trailer anticipated when it dropped. Clips and the logo from Doom Patrol were featured amidst the teases for other shows making up the library of programming. Game of Thrones, Friends, CW dramas, DC films, an animated Gremlins prequel, and similar content will be offered.

Titans and DC Universe’s Status

Fellow DC Universe original Titans won’t get the same treatment, at least for now. Heading into its own second season, Titans isn’t expected to make the jump to HBO Max and ought to remain where it is. Season 2 of Titans debuts September 6th exclusively on its home turf.

Many were troubled by the announcement of a new streaming platform by Warner Media and, bolstered in their worry by the cancellation of Swamp Thing, predicted it would mean the end of DC Universe. That outcome seems unlikely at this time.

Season 2 Expectations

Season 1 unfolded with the team struggling against inner demons and putting their differences aside in order to track down the missing Chief. Along the way, they had to foil a secret government agency, face the wrath of gods, rats, and cockroaches, and stop the mad narrator Mr. Nobody. They did so with the help of throwback muscleman Flex Mentallo and Dorothy, Chief’s daughter with a mystical cavewoman.

Expect to see more of them and the addition of The Brotherhood of Evil, a thorn in the side of Niles Caulder and family from the early days, as well as the usual weirdness. Guerrero and Carver spoke with IGN at SDCC about some of the stranger things to occur in Season 1, how Guerrero relates to her character and more possibilities for the upcoming season. They acknowledge things are still up in the air, but added we will hopefully see a few of Jane’s other 64 personalities made manifest. First, the team has to return to normal size.

Based on characters created by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney, and Bruno Premiani later reinvented by Grant Morrison, Doom Patrol stars Brendan Fraser, Matt Bomer, Alan Tudyk, April Bowlby, Joivan Wade, Diane Guerrero, and Timothy Dalton. It is available to stream on DC Universe. The full first season will be on Blu-ray this October. Season 2 does not have an episode count or release date yet but should hit in 2020.