Marvel Comics hired Overwatch writer Alyssa Wong after she personally called Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski a racist.

In the October previews, Marvel Comics revealed Overwatch writer and Nebula Award winner Alyssa Wong to write Future Fight Firsts Crescent & Io #1, Future Fight Firsts White Fox #1, Future Fight Firsts Luna Snow #1, and a story in Aero #4 alongside Greg Pak. She has been co-writing Aero stories with Pak since Aero #2.

As we documented in November of 2017, Wong attacked C.B. Cebulski and called him a racist after he revealed he had written under the Japanese pen name Akira Yoshida.

In a now deleted tweet (Archive link:, Wong wrote, “White privilege is participating in literary yellowface, writing under an Asian pseudonym to lend ~authenticity~ to your fake Asian stories & advance your career, while getting to dodge the racism & discrimination that Asian folks face every day.”

She would add, “We’ve seen this s*** before. It all boils down to the same racist orientalist bulls***. F*** you, guy.”

In a follow-up thread, Wong would describe Cebulski’s use of the Akira Yoshida penname as “anti-Asian racism.”

In deleted tweets (Archive link: from November 2017, Wong wrote:

“A couple thoughts C.B. Cebulski/Akira Yoshida before I step away from social media for a while: – People are complicated. F****** up doesn’t cancel out the good work someone has done. But good work/Well He’s A Really Good Guy also doesn’t erase the harm someone’s done.

(This is why you get a ton of shocked “Well he was really nice to me!” reactions every time someone’s ugly s*** gets exposed. Their Being Nice shouldn’t give them immunity to having to face their problematic behavior.)

– There’s a difference between Diaspora Asian/Mainland Asian discourse, & when we talk about anti-Asian racism & the pressure to assimilate, as diaspora, & the harm of cultural appropriation, that distinction becomes v important. Listen to your Asian diaspora friends.

– People who are repeat offenders often mask their bad behavior with intentional Niceness. They do folks favors, they make connection, they appear generous. They do this SO THAT when shit comes to light, they know they’ll be protected.

– One way you can take concrete action in response to this CB Cebulski bulls*** is to let Marvel know how f***** up this is. Put pressure on by making your voices heard.

& then, just as importantly, if not more, support actual Asian/Asian diaspora comics creators.”

It’s quite a shock that Marvel Comics would hire someone who outright attacked their Editor-in-Chief by calling him a racist. It’s even more shocking when Cebulski stated that “breaking into, and staying in, comics, in any capacity, is just as much about attitude as it is about ability.”

I guess we know now the kind of attitude Marvel Comics is looking for in their comic book creators.

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