A recent livestream referred to as the Slutstream raised $3,175 in an effort to combat online harassment while discussing various social justice and progressive political topics.

Hosted by Kacey “Kaceytron” Kaviness and Isabelle “Izzybear” O’Hammon on World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, the Slutstream was meant to “empower women to be themselves” and to “stand against the constant harassment and slut shaming of women to stream dressed in ways that make them feel comfortable and raise money for a good cause,” though Kaviness noted she also sought to “piss off the incels”

The 9-hour stream featured a rotating panel of guest speakers, and despite the supposed focus of the event being on the harassment faced by women in online spaces, surprisingly few of these guests were female. Kaviness, and Twitch streamer Invader Vie provided the only female perspective, while O’Hammon and Twitch streamer EvaUnaLove provided complimentary male-to-female transgender and non-binary, feminist viewpoints, respectively.

The majority of the stream’s guests were male, such as Twitch streamer Abssii, Twitch streamer Alebrelle, Twitch streamer Naji001, Twitch partner NorBro86, Yogscast member Nilesy, mental health advocate Opnsouls, and political YouTuber TheSerfsTV. During the stream, the guests discussed a multitude of political and social issues, such as personal experiences with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the trans military ban, preferences and opinions regarding numbers of sexual partners, and open border immigration policies.

The stream ultimately raised $3,175 in donations, which Kaviness intends to donate to Freedom 4/24, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing “freedom and justice to victims and survivors of sexual exploitation and human trafficking.”

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