Ava DuVernay confirmed what everyone was hoping for. She will do with New Gods what Zack Snyder failed to do in Justice League and bring Darkseid into the DC Extended Universe. And, yes, the Female Furies will be along for the ride, plus more.

The director held a Q&A session on Twitter and answered in the affirmative that the ruthless denizens of Apokolips and their master will show up. She also made a reference to Big Barda, seemingly verifying the turncoat former leader of the Furies is going to appear too.

As for casting, DuVernay admitted she hasn’t compiled a list yet but is keeping her mind open.

Interestingly, in a tweet before that, she commented on working with Chris Pine. The two worked on A Wrinkle in Time together and though he may already play Steve Trevor, it doesn’t mean he can’t mocap Darkseid or some other New God. A cameo by Trevor could also happen. If the two really have a good working relationship, anything is possible.

She also answered questions about the script and co-writer Tom King. Their screenplay, which they began after San Diego Comic-Con, is still in progress and, asked how King came to be part of the project, DuVernay — a self-proclaimed fan of his work — said she simply asked him. He jumped at the chance obviously.

Tom King won Eisner Awards for his work on Mister Miracle but he and DuVernay don’t want any stones left unturned when accurately capturing the vision of New Gods creator Jack Kirby. At SDCC, King revealed they agreed to assemble a team of “Kirby experts” to aid them:

“She invited me out, and she asked what team I wanted to bring. Because she wanted to assemble people who knew Kirby, and she was like, ‘Can you put together a team?’ So we put together this team. And she was smart, and a good storyteller, and it was one of the best storytelling experiences I’ve ever had. And next week I go off to work with her.”

King joined DuVernay’s New Gods project a few months ago. They made the announcement together posing for a selfie. Before they started on the script last week, she congratulated him on his Eisner wins.

A rumor has it the film will be based on King’s Mister Miracle series with Mitch Gerads. Since the Furies, Barda, and Darkseid are all confirmed, the possibility seems more likely than ever. Miracle himself is strongly suspected, though unconfirmed, to be part of the movie’s story. Considering his strong connection to King and each character, especially Darkseid, the master escapist can’t be far behind.

New Gods is moving further in development but has no release date yet. Jack Kirby created all the characters involved, and their transcendent Fourth World, in the early 1970s. His and DC’s crossover event introducing them is getting reissued again in a series of absolute editions.

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