Zack Snyder is teasing fans and supporters once again with a closer look at his version of Darkseid, further fanning the flames burning for the release of his cut of Justice League.

Yet another photo posted to his Vero gives us the best most detailed glimpse so far of the young Darkseid who took part in the first battle for Earth. Reddit fan page DC_Cinematic — a prominent source for Snyder’s Vero posts — shared the new image in a thread. It portrays him as Uxas, his name and form before he was overtaken by the Omega Sanction.

Vero: New Uxas Image from DC_Cinematic

Snyder shared a previous image last month, around Father’s Day, showing Darkseid in a wide shot invading Earth with an armada of warships (plus some spoiler looks at Cyborg’s journey into a Mother Box). For months, images were being unloaded to his Vero, some bearing visible signs of Darkseid’s presence and indicating Snyder’s plans for his arc, which he laid out in a series of appearances this year.

Darkseid was supposed to play a bigger role in Justice League. Actor and stuntman Nick McKinless played Ares in the flashback to Steppenwolf and his army’s first siege of the planet. Back in April, McKinless commented on a post showing him in costume on Instagram and revealed there was a deleted fight scene with the evil Lord of Apokolips he trained four months for.

Joss Whedon taking over responsibilities as director for reshoots left a lot on the cutting room floor, changing the narrative of the DC Extended Universe. Steppenwolf now appears as if he replaced Darkseid in the big battle Wonder Woman recalled to Batman in her history lesson.

Also in April, Snyder unveiled Almost Famous star and voice actor Ray Porter as his choice for Darkseid. Porter was set as the voice in particular. Since his casting was made public, Porter has embraced the part and been vocal on social media about the Snyder Cut. He’s recently shared Snyder’s renderings and an image of a T-shirt dedicated to a campaign for the Cut’s release.

Others who want to see the Snyder Cut are vehemently petitioning Warner Bros. to finally release it — a feat Snyder made clear is up to the studio. People have used to make their voices heard by the hundreds of thousands and GoFundMe to raise money in an attempt to make Warner and AT&T act.

Darkseid’s cameo in Justice League would’ve set up for the sequel that was slated to come out this summer.