Director Zack Snyder took to social media website Vero to reveal a first look at the DC Comics villain Darkseid that more than likely would have debuted in his version of Justice League.

Snyder, who had only previously teased Darkseid’s appearance in Justice League, showcased the DC Comics big bad standing in front of a number of ships from Apokolips that appear to be terraforming Earth. The director captions his photo stating, “Speaking of Father’s Day here’s the king daddy #UxasandtheAntilife”

This image with Darkseid comes straight out of the theatrical version of Justice League. However, Darkseid was replaced by Steppenwolf when Wonder Woman gives Batman a history lesson. You can see where Steppenwolf replaced Darkseid in the clip below at the 1:06 mark.


Ray Porter who was supposed to provide the voice for Darkseid in Justice League also weighed in.

This new image of Darkseid from Snyder also appears to confirm actor Nick McKinless report that he filmed an entire fight sequence as Ares and fought against Darkseid.

Not only did Snyder share a photo of Darkseid coming to conquer Earth, but he also shared a photo of Victor Stone aka Cyborg from what appears to be inside a Mother Box. Snyder captioned the photo writing, “Careful Victor …if you go inside the mother boxes they will f*** with you big time that’s not Father’s Day that’s a trick.”

A fan would ask Snyder a follow-up question on when this scene happens. They asked, “Is this anywhere near where he screams ‘Barry!'”?

Snyder responded, “right after that…when Barry runs time back after The leagues initial failure and uses The Epic  jolt of speed force to project Vic into the boxes.”

This appears to confirm rumors that in Zack Snyder’s cut of the film Steppenwolf initially defeated the Justice League thus forcing Barry to travel back in time in order to save them. It also confirms Ray Fisher’s recent discussion about his role as Cyborg at Wizard World Comic Con, where he noted that the film was supposed to explore Cyborg’s loss of his mother.

With Snyder releasing more and more from his version of Justice League, fans are continuing to clamor for the Snyder Cut. A petition on was signed by over 179,000 people. Maybe more impressive is that a GoFundMe campaign to release the Snyder Cut of Justice League has raised over $23,000.

Fans who want the Snyder Cut have a major actor on their side, Ray Fisher. Fisher recently appeared at Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio, Texas where he stated he would release the Snyder Cut, “If I had the power, absolutely. If Cyborg was around he’d drop it.”

What do you make of this image of Darkseid? Do you want to see WarnerMedia release the Snyder Cut of Justice League?

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