Star Trek: TOS actor William Shatner, who played Captain James T. Kirk, reacted to the idea of an R-Rated Star Trek film from director Quentin Tarantino.

Shatner did an interview with People to promote his History Channel show UnXplained where he revealed that an R-Rated Star Trek film would “have to harness the energy of Gene Roddenberry revolving in his grave.” Shatner added, “If you could harness that, you could use that as the power for the whole film.” (Related: Quentin Tarantino Confirms His Star Trek Movie Will Be Rated R)

I believe William Shatner is on point with that comment. If anyone knows Gene Roddenberry and how he treated Star Trek, they’d know that the very idea of a rated R version of a Trek film would be unsettling to him.

As for whether or not Shatner would reprise his role as Captain Kirk in a Tarantino Star Trek, Shatner stated, “If Quentin Tarantino said to me, ‘Will you play Captain Kirk in this film?’ Leonard Nimoy played Spock in one of J.J. Abrams’ films. And I said to him. They went back in time to see him. I said, ‘Leonard, when you go back in time and you are still old, Leonard. That’s really old.”

Trek Movie reports, Shatner would elaborate on that answer and describe what he believes Tarantino’s version of Captain Kirk would be, “Running wild. He’d be running wild, and I am having difficulty running wild now.” (Related: Quentin Tarantino Says He’s Willing To End His Career Directing A Star Trek Movie)

Wild is a great way to describe Kirk. The classic Captain’s adventures on both film and television were definitely wild especially when you compare Kirk to the stoic Picard or the cunning Sisko. Wild would be a great way to put it.

Shatner would then confirm he would be interested in reprising his role, but it might cause him to have a heart attack, “Oh goodness yes. [Running wild] through the fields of hay, running, running, and then having a heart attack and falling down.”

As of right now, it seems that the Quinton Tarantino’s Star Trek is far more likely to be the next installment of the franchise. Both Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth reportedly exited the project due to salary negotiations and creative conflict. (Related: Report: Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine Exit Star Trek Negotiations!)

Do you agree with William Shatner on Gene Roddenberry’s reaction? Or would the late creator be open to a Tarantino R-rated Star Trek film? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!