According to a newly released ending for Nightwolf in Mortal Kombat 11, we might not see the Matokan warrior in Mortal Kombat 12. That’s because in his ending, as he becomes the Keeper of Time. He releases his mantel of Nightwolf for another “worthy” Matokan to taken on.

You can watch the ending below after some Mortal Kombating from Gamer’s Little Playground:

In the cut scene, like for all the other Kombantents, Nightwolf has his own ending. In the case of Nightwolf, the major canon change has to do with his name, well at least now, the mantel of Nightwolf.

Once he takes on the duty of Time Keeper, he is unable to be both Nightwolf, defender of the Matokan, and the Time Keeper. So he releases the mantel, as advised by the Great Spirit.

Who Will Be the Next Nightwolf?

All of this is revealed during his speech as he questions who will next be Nightwolf. Then we see the screen zoom out to show the new Nightwolf — a woman.

This ending left many fans scratching their heads. Similarly, Jaxx and his Wakanda inspired ending made some major changes to the character as well. Most notably is the fact that Nightwolf isn’t his name, but a mantel.

But here is the problem. We aren’t completely sure what will be considered canon and what won’t. That’s because over the year nether realm has cherry-picked specific endings of each character from each game to be canon for Mortal Kombats main storyline.

Right now, most fans believe that the only official canon ending will be that of Liu Kang. Though Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Sonya Blades endings each seem to reveal where the franchise is going, they might not be completely official canon.

Mortal Kombat Steeped in Controversy

Mortal Kombat has found itself steeped controversy related to other issues since January of this year.

One has to do with the franchise’s “sexist” treatment of its female Kombantents. Between their previous game and the current game, the ladies of Mortal Kombat have found themselves both covered up as if they were visiting Saudi Arabia, or just had their attractiveness levels reduced. In Skarlet’s case, it’s both.

There also were some political references in the game that some of us could have done without. Such as Shao Khan’s obvious Trump-inspired moments.

In May, Nether Realm Studios found itself again in the hot seat over allegations of a hostile work environment and abusive management practices.

So what do you think of the idea of Nightwolf being a mantel instead of a persona or identity? Does it allow for writing flexibility? Or is this just yet another case of agenda-driven story narratives within the Mortal Kombat franchise? Let me know your thoughts below!