The rumor mill is stirring up again with suggestions that the DC Extended Universe could lose two of its biggest stars to their competition — Marvel and Disney — one probably on his way out and the other initially excited to get started on his first major comic franchise.

Information coming from YouTubers Gem Mint Collectibles and TVO of Lords of the Long Box claims Henry Cavill is not only done as Superman but also in talks with Kevin Feige to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as US Agent. He would be introduced in the next big MCU event that either is based on or simply bears the name of one of Marvel’s most popular crossovers, Secret Wars.

Superman, Super-Patriot

US Agent was created by Mark Gruenwald and introduced in the 80s. Real name John Walker, he was Captain America’s opposite as far as values and upbringing, but still wore the mantle of Cap for a time. In the MCU, it’s speculated he will defect from Hydra and betray Red Skull.

Secret Wars was a mid-80s event written by Jim Shooter. Tied to a toy line, the story had The Beyonder transport heroes to his Battleworld and introduced Spider-Man’s black costume. The name was also used for a less well-received 2015 saga that incorporated Marvel’s multiverse and will reportedly serve as the basis for an Endgame-level event in Phase 5.

The Rock Smells Atlantis

The other name allegedly talking to Feige is none other than Dwayne Johnson. According to the rumors, despite appearances, Johnson is not happy with the budget of Black Adam so he is vying for the part of Namor in Black Panther 2. Talks between the two sides are said to be deep. (Related: Rumor: Namor the Villain for Black Panther 2)

Black Adam moves into production next year but its budget was reportedly slashed because of Shazam!’s box office numbers and WB’s new creative direction, favoring small and compartmentalized films, that is expected to start with Joker. In the vein of The Joker, Black Adam is, according to Johnson, going to start as a villain and evolve into an anti-hero, so we might see a similar tone. (Related: DC vs. Marvel War “Is On” Claims Joker Director Todd Phillips)

Here’s the Rub

As far as we know, Johnson is nothing but excited to finally play Black Adam. He’s waited years and is finally getting to through his company Seven Bucks Productions, which co-produced Shazam!. Johnson and co-producer Hiram Garcia have their director, Jaume Collet-Serra, and publicly extol his vision. And they plan on taking their time, giving Black Adam and Shazam breathing room before they meet down the line. (Related: Black Adam: Updates on Director and When He Might Clash with Shazam)

On Cavill’s front, reports last fall he was hanging up the cape unless he got a bigger paycheck proved false. Still, he and the studio are allegedly still in heavy negotiations and the relationship between parties is contentious. He and Mission: Impossible Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie had an idea for Man of Steel 2 that’s pretty much dead, and with J.J. Abrams apparently taking the reins of Superman and Green Lantern, a new movie might not be in the offing for quite a while. Meaning, if they wait it out, the role would be recast with a younger actor anyway. (Related: Report: J.J. Abrams Might Be the Next to Take on Superman and Green Lantern)

Moreover, Cavill and Johnson are connected professionally. Henry Cavill’s agent is Dany Garcia, ex-wife to Johnson and mother of his eldest daughter, and Hiram at Seven Bucks is her brother. Matt McGloin over at Cosmic Book News noted Johnson took a meeting with Feige and connected a few dots. If Johnson gets a role in a Marvel movie, he may bring Cavill over with him. (Related: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Meet with Marvel Studio’s Kevin Feige After Smash Success of Avengers: Endgame!)

Signs point to US Agent or something Cap-related if that happens. The signature shield pattern can be found on Cavill’s Instagram emblazoned on barbells as well as Johnson’s in a post-ceremony photo with his daughter at her high-school graduation.

For now, these are rumors but tell us your thoughts below on Cavill as US Agent and Johnson potentially as Namor.

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