There could be big changes brewing that will have a major impact on the evolving DC Cinematic Universe. Mega director and producer J.J. Abrams could take over creative responsibilities for several characters. And his main sought-after prizes are Superman and Green Lantern.

A source at San Diego Comic-Con told Cosmic Book News Abrams is setting his sights on Green Lantern and the Man of Steel for future projects as part of the deal he signed with Warner Bros. recently.

Plans going forward are unknown but recasting the part of Krypton’s Last Son seems more plausible now. Henry Cavill’s status has been in question a lot as of late although there has been no formal parting of ways between him and the studio.

For Abrams to step in, it means a relaunch of the franchise that keeps Superman in the same age bracket as Batman. Robert Pattinson is taking over as a spry 30-something Dark Knight and Abrams reportedly doesn’t want a Supe who is pushing 40. Cavill is closer to the latter age than he was a few short years ago.

Abrams restarted the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises and became a titan of the sci-fi and fantasy genres in the process. He reassumed duties on Star Wars after the debacle of Rian Johnson and The Last Jedi. Swooping in to fill a major vacuum and save the day is his calling card within the system.

His connections at Warner are pretty cozy which makes the possibility he will participate in, if not guide, the direction of DC cinematically even more interesting. Matt Reeves is one of his best friends and collaborators (they worked together on Cloverfield) and his wife Katie McGrath was reportedly instrumental in the ascension of Ann Sarnoff at WB.

He tried in vain to get a Superman project off the ground a decade ago, the aborted Superman: Flyby. It was not to be then but with the studio’s new director-focused initiative Abrams swiftly rises to the top.

Man of Steel 2 has been on the back burner for some time and may not get made for a while. Zack Snyder’s departure left the project in perpetual limbo. Pitches from Christopher McQuarrie and Matthew Vaughn were all rejected and the movie is not in active development.

Green Lantern’s last time on the big screen was the 2011 flop with Ryan Reynolds. Though a Lantern protecting Sector 2814 popped up in Justice League, a reboot has had trouble moving into production. A Green Lantern Corps movie featuring Hal Jordan is in development but not greenlit.

Warner Bros. sat out Comic-Con this year but their developing DC projects were the talk of the event. Hall H featured a panel that had an update on Matt Reeves’ The Batman and we learned a slew of names will return to DC television in roles that made their careers. Lynda Carter, Burt Ward, Tom Welling, and Brandon Routh will all take part in The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.