Aquaman star Jason Momoa staged an arrest while protesting the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on the Hawaiian volcano and mountain Mauna Kea.

A Twitter user shared a photo of Momoa being “arrested” by police officers. The photo definitely appears to be staged given both Momoa and the police officer’s reaction. You can see two of the police officers flashing smiles and laughing as Momoa shrugs his shoulders. In fact, if you look closely the officer “arresting” Momoa is not using any type of handcuff. He is just holding his hands behind his back. (Related: Jason Momoa Declares “Sorry We Can’t Shoot Aquaman 2” As He Protests Telescope Construction on Mauna Kea)

Momoa has used his celebrity to bring awareness to the protest at Mauna Kea, and he hasn’t been afraid to add in a good joke while protesting. He recently stated that Aquaman 2 production would have to wait “because Jason got run over by a bulldozer trying to stop the desecration of his native land.” Momoa has not been run over by a bulldozer. (Related: Aquaman’s Jason Momoa to Join Dune Film)

Momoa isn’t the only one to support the protesters at Mauna Kea. He was joined by his Justice League co-star Ezra Miller. Momoa shared a photo of himself and Miller protesting the construction of the telescope on his Instagram.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has also expressed his support for those protesting the construction of the telescope. He appeared on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon where he stated:

“There was some trust that was breached between [native Hawai’ans] and the state and the people that are trying to build the telescope. … This mountain is their church, and it would be like building on their church.”

He added:

This is so much bigger than a telescope being built. This is humanity, these are human beings whose hearts are hurting, and I think any time situations like that come up. … When you have human beings who are hurting, any culture around the world, that’s our indication that we gotta stop. Let’s be considerate, let’s be empathetic, and let’s always take care of our people. At the end of the day it always comes down to that. Taking care of the people.”

What do you think of the controversy surrounding the construction of Thirty Meter Telescope at Mauna Kea? And do you believe that Jason Mamoa will really get arrested at some point due to the protests? Let me know your thoughts!

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