A new set of alleged Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker leaks reveal how Emperor Palpatine returns.

Not only does this new set of leaks detail how Palpatine returns, but how he will be defeated as well. It also goes into detail about much of the plot of The Rise of Skywalker.

The leaks come from 4Chan and detail that the First Order has conquered most of the galaxy just a year after The Last Jedi. However, there is a rift among the First Order. Not only does Kylo Ren feel torn between the light and dark, but he has replaced General Hux with Allegiant General Pryde. Hux is not taking kindly to being replaced and is leaking information to the Resistance in the hope that they will kill Kylo Ren and allow him to assume power.

While Hux is leaking information, the Knights of Ren return from a journey to the Unknown Regions and report on a secret arsenal of superweapons built by Palpatine. However, in order to locate this arsenal they need to acquire a device called the Wayfinder. The Resistance is clued in about the Wayfinder and sets out to retrieve it before Kylo Ren and the First Order. The coordiantes to The Wayfinder are actually stored in C-3PO’s old memory unit. However, that memory unit is in an abandoned Imperial blockade.

Nevertheless, the heroes retrieve the memory unit. But it’s not so simple. They need to go to a decomissioned droid factory unit in order to unlock it. While attempting to unlock it, they are ambushed by the First Order. However, Keri Russell’s bounty hunter Zorri Bliss and her droid D-0 rescue them. Not only are they rescued by Bliss, but they upload the wrong memory unit into C-3PO. Instead of his old memory unit, he receives the memory unit of a combat droid. This causes him to steal Chewie’s bowcaster and adopt an aggressive persona. (Related: Allegedly Leaked Star Wars Episode IX Poster Shows C-3PO with a Bowcaster Alongside Knights of Ren)

The Resistance finally discovers that the Wayfinder is located on a desert world. At the same time they are discovering it, Kylo Ren consults an oracle who reveals the same information. The two sides clash on this desert planet with Rey and Kylo Ren once again battling each other. During their fight, their Force Bond allows them to experience past events. (Related: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Rumor Teases Kylo Ren as Darth Vader)

It’s unclear if Kylo defeat Rey, but according to the leak he and the Knights of Ren retrieve the Wayfinder and head to the ruins of the Death Star to use it to unlock the arsenal’s location. The Resistance pursues him, but are once again almost defeated. But thanks to an alien named Klaud they are able to escape.

This is where the twist is revealed. Kylo Ren and Rey discover the Wayfinder actually contains the spirit of Palpatine. In fact, the Knights of Ren are actually loyal to Palpatine and manipulated Ren in order to free the Emperor.

After Palpatine’s spirit is free, he takes possession of one of the Knights of Ren, portrayed by Matt Smith. He announces his plans to retrieve the arsenal, subjugate the galaxy, and reveals that he was the force behind Snoke. (Related: New Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Alleged Plot Leaks Reveal Rey’s Real Parentage and How Emperor Palpatine Returns)

As Palpatine announces his plans, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo appear as Force Ghosts to urge Kylo Ren to join the Light, which he reluctantly does. Kylo and Rey then fight to stop Palpatine. After they defeat the possessed Knight of Ren, Palpatine takes possession of Kylo Ren. However, there is an internal struggle, and Ren urges Rey to kill him. She does. Palpatine is unable to possess Rey and thus he is destroyed for the last time. (Related:Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Theory Sees Rey Raise the Death Star from the Ashes)

Somehow the First Order and Palpatine’s hidden arsenal are destroyed.

Following their destruction, Rey mourns the death of Kylo Ren. During her mourning, Luke Skywalker appears as a Force Ghost and resurrects Kylo Ren.

The leaker indicates that Lando Calrissian and the Knights of Ren don’t really do much. They are kind of just there. They also note that the final battle takes place within the ruins of the Death Star and that Kylo and Rey use their force flash power in order to fight against Palpatine. They also indicate that the Sith Fleet will be there for the final battle.

What do you make of these alleged leaks? Do you think they are legit? Does any of this get you excited for The Rise of Skywalker?

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