Dead By Daylight Announces Stranger Things DLC

Behaviour announced the next downloadable content pack for Dead By Daylight will include Netflix’s Stranger Things.

The developer tweeted the news earlier this morning:

Fans of the popular Netflix series Stranger Things should be ecstatic, as three of their favorites make their Dead by Daylight (DBD) debut.

The creature known as the Demogorgon will function as the playable killer in this DLC. The Demogorgon has had multiple iterations in the show, the fully grown version that was the main antagonist in Stranger Things Season 1 will appear in Dead By Daylight. It was also most recently seen in the post-credit teaser scene used to kill inmates in a Russian prison.

Nothing is known about what perks the creature will have, but based on the show, a good bet is that it will possess a blood tracking perk, to name one.

The two survivors will be Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington.

Steve Harrington, portrayed by Joe Keery, is a recurring character in the first season and a main character in the second and third season of the show. Steve recently helped uncover a heinous Russian plot lurking in the shadows of Hawkins.

Information on the playable perks for the two survivors has not been released as of yet.

A new map will also be available in this DLC pack. A major setting in the show, Hawkins National Laboratory, will be the new map. It will be an underground map with a maze of corridors and rooms, from what we see in the trailer.

The Dead By Daylight community have long been speculating what the next DLC would be, but nobody expected this. The addition of a Stranger Things chapter should serve to bring a lot of new players to the game, and add some really fun gameplay.

Many players on hiatus will return to DBD as well, because the addition of this chapter really makes one excited for the future. As a Dead By Daylight player and streamer, I know I am really intrigued.

What do you think gamers? Did Behaviour give Dead By Daylight the infusion of fun it needed? Give us your thoughts below.









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