Dynamite Launches IndieGoGo for Vampirella/Shi Variant Cover by Billy Tucci

Dynamite Entertainment recently launched an IndieGoGo campaign for a Vampirella/Shi variant cover by Billy Tucci for Vampirella #1 by writer Christopher Priest and artist Ergun Gunduz.

Tucci explains the variant cover is a “co-sponsored Crusade Comics and Dynamite Entertainment exclusive cover, which not only celebrates Vampriella’s 50th anniversary, but also the 25th anniversary of my own creation Shi.”

He continues, “I drew my first Vampirella cover back in 1995, and I’ve had the honor to be associated with the character many times since I broke into comics over 25 years ago.” He continues, “Dynamite has brought on the legendary Christopher Priest to bring Vampirella back to her glorious roots of 50 years ago while adding a new, sinister and sensual twist not seen in the comics in years.” Tucci notes, “Each one of these extremely limited comics have already been printed. That’s right they are all done and printed. Which means they will be shipped to you within 10 days of this IndieGoGo campaign ending. And if you like I’ll even sign each and every one of them for you.”

Dynamite’s Vampirella #1 by Christopher Priest and Egun Gunduz has reportedly sold over 130,000 copies according to Dynamite. Comichron reports the first issue shipped over 76,000 copies and broke into the top 10 comics of August based on total dollars. It took the 11th spot for most shipped.

The IndieGoGo campaign offers a number of different versions of Tucci’s Vampirella/Shi variant cover. There is an original version, a limited-edition Virgin version (600 total), and a limited edition Black & White version (600 total).

The campaign also features a signed copy of a Black & White virgin cover (400 total) and a signed copy of Tucci’s Pure Line Art (300 total). The Black & White Virgin cover will also feature the possibility of hand-drawn sketches by Billy Tucci.

There is also the option of an 18×24″ lithograph that is available to purchase signed or unsigned.

The campaign has currently raised $4,224 from 59 backers. The original goal was $2,000.

Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver has currently raised $24,633 from 334 backers on IndieGoGo for his Vampirella #1 Red Foil Variant featuring Cyberfrog. A separate Cyberfrog and Vampirella exclusive variant from Ethan Van Sciver raised $67,289 from 1,026 backers.

Billy Tucci’s Upcoming Projects

Not only has Tucci created this variant cover for Vampirella #1, but he recently crowdfunded his Zombie Sama graphic novel, which featured a preview ashcan for his upcoming Shi-Return of the Warrior story. Billy promises the IndieGoGo for Shi: Return of the Warrior will launch sometime this month.

Tucci talked to Newsarama about the upcoming graphic novel:

“It feels so good to return to the character that started it all, but what I’m really excited about is that the all-new graphic novel takes place twenty-five years after Ana Ishikawa’s debut “Way of the Warrior” story arc. Ana has aged appropriately and is now curator of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

She’s also a single mother raising her teenage daughter, Hotaru. Ana’s warrior days are far behind her but horrifically, it all comes back. Now totally unprepared she must once again take up the naginata to protect not only herself but her daughter too (who has no idea of her mother’s martial past). I’m having so much fun bringing back many of our original characters and introducing new ones.”

Not only has Tucci been working on the new Shi graphic novel, but he’s also been working on his limited series Appalachian Apocalypse, and he will be working with Dynamite Entertainment on an upcoming Miss Fury book.

Do you plan on picking up Billy Tucci’s Shi/Vampirella variant cover for Vampirella #1?

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