Legendary comic book creators Chuck Dixon and Mike Baron both announced brand new novels.

Mike Baron’s Sons of Bitches

Mike Baron not only announced, but released his fourth novel in his Biker series. This fourth book is titled Sons of Bitches.

The book sees Josh Pratt, an ex-motorcycle hoodlum become the full-time bodyguard of a woman named Polly, who published her own Muhammad comic. Josh must protect Polly from jihadists and angry fans during the summer convention circuit that takes them from San Diego to Chicago. As they make their way across the country, the violence and vitriol increases, forcing Josh to abide by the biker code and seek terrible revenge. (Related: Interview: Playing Pool with Mike “Bloody Red Baron” Baron)

Mike Baron gave us some details about Polly and Josh and revealed the story is inspired by a real life cartoonist.

“In 2010, a Seattle cartoonist named Molly Norris thought it would be a good idea to create “Everybody Draw Muhammed Day,” partly as a goof, partly to establish that in the United States, we value freedom of speech and won’t cower before religious zealots. The FBI told her to “go ghost.”

“On the insistence of top security specialists at the FBI, Norris is moving, changing her name and essentially wiping away her identity, said the Seattle Weekly.”
Josh Pratt is heterodox. He doesn’t subscribe to the prevailing narrative and frequently finds himself at odds with the zeitgeist. Sons Of Bitches rose out of what happened to Molly Norris and other brave cartoonists, and the news that there are numerous terrorist training camps in the United States. In 2019, the feds raided a terrorist training camp in New Mexico. When I tried to find the exact number of terrorist training camps in the US, the usual search engines were not constructive. The FBI’s own page is not helpful.”

Sons of Bitches is currently available now from Wolfpack Publishing through Amazon.

Chuck Dixon’s Levon’s Time

Chuck Dixon announced his sixth book in his Levon Cade series, Levon’s Time.

The book follows the events of Levon’s War and sees Levon Cade thrown into a hellhole prison in Turkey on the Black Sea coast. In order to return home, Levon must make a deal with the United States government that comes at a cost. (Related: Interview: Traveling Through Time with Chuck Dixon)

While Levon is working to get out of prison, his daughter Merry aids a young victim of human trafficking. However, the human traffickers who believe the young victim to be their property want her back and they are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way.

Chuck Dixon described the book to us:

“No good deed goes unpunished. Returning from taking out an ISIS cell in Iraq, Levon Cade is thrown into a Turkish prison over something he couldn’t walk away from. Back home in Alabama, his daughter Merry has run into trouble with human traffickers and proves that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Dixon’s Levon Cade series is in the process of getting adapted to TV by Sylvester Stallone’s Balboa Productions. (Related: Chuck Dixon’s Levon Cade To Get TV Adaptation from Sylvester Stallone!)

Levon’s Time is currently available for pre-order from Wolfpack Publishing through Amazon.

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