British comedian and recently announced Ms. Marvel showrunner Bisha K. Ali appears to have mysteriously deleted 5,000 tweets and locked her numerous social media accounts prior to Disney’s official announcement.

Ali’s social media purge was discovered following the D23 Expo announcement of her involvement in the Ms. Marvel television series, as fans flocked to social media to learn more about the relatively unknown comedian whose IMDB page lists a total of 9 credits. However, upon attempting to access her various social media accounts, fans discovered that her pages had been hidden from the public: her Twitter , Instagram, and Facebook accounts, along with her personal webpage, were set to private. (Related: Report: Ms. Marvel Disney+ Series in Development)

While Ali has not publicly given a reason for this attempt to hide her internet presence from the public, fans noted that Ali had deleted a total of 5,268 tweets less than a month prior to Disney’s announcement.

It is currently unknown what the contents of her deleted tweets were or what prompted the mass deletion of tweets, but Google search results and a handful of archived posts have led to speculation that Ali deleted the tweets due to her social justice-based progressive beliefs and views.

These include tweets defending the recent trend of political assault known as ‘Milkshaking’, the use of the racist hashtag #WhiteGenocide, and multiple interactions with her account responding in agreement to her posts with racist, anti-white rhetoric.

According to archived Facebook posts, Ali also advocated for The Divided States of Hysteria writer and artist Howard Chaykin to change a cover to an issue of the series which depicted a young Pakistani man being lynched. (Related: Howard Chaykin Gets Political With ‘The Divided States Of Hysteria!’)

She also accused critics of Star Trek: Discovery of being “angry racist mysoginists who are upset that Star Trek: Discovery has too many WOC in it.” (Related: Star Trek: Discovery Star Michelle Yeoh: Movies Should Not Be Nominated “For the Gender or For the Diversity”)

In one post she asked, “Can we do internet conscription for men? You gotta enlist, buddy up with 1 troll each and teach them to keep their vile threats to themselves?”

In another she stated, “I believe women can burn s*** to the ground and rebuild it into the anti capitalist utopia of science and art and compassion I (think) we’re all striving for.”

As of writing, neither Disney, Marvel, or Ali have commented on these deletions.